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Wilds Trader

design by Antti Lahtinen


Wilds Trader

General Data

Displacement: 200 tons Hull Armor: 10
Length: 26.23 meters Volume: 2,800 m3
Price: 63.4 MCr Target Size: S
Configuration:SL Dome/Disc Tech Level: 11
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded):973.7/1361.8

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 123 MW Fusion Power Plant, 1 year duration (18.45 m3)
Jump Performance: 2
Jump Fuel: 420 m3
G-Rating: 1G HEPlaR (72.8 MW/G), 1G Contra-Grav (20.8 MW/G)
G-Turns: 50 (J1: 73.1; 96.2 using all jump fuel), 9.1 m3 fuel each.
Maint: 60


Computer: 3x TL 11 Std Computers (0.35MW)
Commo: 1xMaser (Unlimited; 0.6 MW), 1xRadio (1 hex; 1 MW)
Avionics: Imaging EMS, IGS positioning, 150 km/h NOE
Sensors: 1xAEMS (1hex; 25 MW), PEMS (3 hex; 0.15 MW)
Controls: No Bridge. 4 normal workstations


2 Turret Sockets fitted.
Master Fire Directors: None


Life Support: Extended (0.3782 MW), Gravitic Compensators (9.455 MW)
Grav Compensation: 2 G
Crew: 4 (2xManeuver, 2xElectronics)
Crew Accommodations: 4xSmall Stateroom (0.5 kW)
Passenger Accomadation: None.
Other Facilities: None
Cargo: 1302 m3, 3 Large Hatches.
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: None
Air Locks: 2


Total Fuel Tankage: 893.45 m3 (63.8 tons) Fuel scoops (10% of ship surface), fills tanks in 0.8 hours Fuel purification machinery (1.54MW), 24.37 hours to refine 893.45 m3. AEMS system must be tuned down to 0.1 hex range during landing and take- off in order to reserve power for Grav drives.

When fitted with 2 manned laser turrets, the ship also requires a commander and one additional crewstation (the volume and power for this extra workstation are already provided). If gunners and commander are needed, all but commander are housed in double-occupancy.

The thrust and power requirements were calculated for the fully loaded ship with 2 laser turrets and commander's workstation (1470 metric tons). Weapons and extra workstation were removed from the above "economy" version.

Armed version of this ship usually mount two 64 MJ laser turrets. However the ship is unable to overpower them and maneuver at the same time.

LTM-64-6-2: tunable gravitic focus manned turret laser. Can be overpowered to -2 Diff Mods with 17.778 MW power input.

64 MJ Laser Turret Short Medium LongExtreme
Powered to -0 Diff Mods 6:1/6-20 12:1/4-11 24:1/2-6 48:1/1-3

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