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Xeekr'kir! Class K'Kree Small Trader

design by Unknown

The Xeekr'kir! was intended only for travel by small herds within K'kree civilization. Unlike human starships, civilian K'kree ships that travel within the Two Thousand Worlds often carry no navigator, but rely on the use of pre-recorded jump co-ordinates available from most starports.

To keep the crew size small, this ship uses two maneuver drives: a 1G fusion rocket for use outside of atmosphere, and a small 0.05G HEPlaR system which in conjunction with the contragrav is used for takeoffs and landings with an approximate 0.04G performance in an effectively 0.01G gravity field. The fusion rocket is used to kill most of the ship's vector before the landing system is activated. The hull is only stressed for 1G, but the drives are rated for normal thrust figures (FRkt == 60000 TT; HEPlaR == 3000 TT), so the HEPlaR will in actuality get about twice better than rated performance in most cases.

Peak power output is held down to 1224 MW. If the fusion rocket is in operation, the power plant is throttled back and engineering crew are tranferred to rocket operation.

The K'kree have the technical capability to build better ships than this, but they have a conservative approach to technology. This ship is fairly sophisticated for K'kree space. (This suggests that many civilian K'kree vessels with archaic computers will survive the TNE virus.)

This design illustrates some K'kree difficulties with interstellar travel. The ship above is roughly the equivalent to a K'kree Far Trader, and it is possibly cramped by civilian K'kree standards. It's about the smallest civilian K'kree starship size possible.

Xeekr'kir! Class Small Trader

General Data

Displacement: 6000 tons Hull Armor: 29
Length: 80 meters Volume: 84000 m3
Price:3550.83 MCr Target Size: M
Configuration: SL Dome/Disc Tech Level: 13
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 27831/25977

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 1224 MW Fusion (94 MW/hit), 1 year duration
Jump Performance: 2
Jump Fuel: 12600 m3
G-Rating: 1G Fusion Rkt (-1200 MW/G), CG Lifters (600 MW), 0.05G HEPlaR (30 MW/0.01G)
G-Turns: 40 (124 with jump fuel), 150 kL ea. (Fusion Rkt) or
16 (49.6 with jump fuel), 375 kL ea. (HEPlaR)
[HEPlaR burns 2.5 Fusion Rkt G-turns per G-turn]
Maint: 1125


Computer: 3 x TL13St (0.45 MW ea.)
Commo: 1 x 300 Mm radio (10 hex, 10 MW)
Avionics: TL10+ Avionics
Sensors: 1 x PEMS fixed array 150 Mm (5 hex, 0.5 MW ea.)
1 x AEMS 180 Mm (6 hex, 20 MW ea.)
Controls: 4 x K'kree Bridge Workstations, twelve other K'kree workstations.


Offensive None
Defensive: None Normally, but armed variants typically carry 12 hardpoints
Master Fire Directors: None


Life Support: Extended (14.28 MW); jump fuel tankage not supported
Grav Compensation: 5G (420 MW)
Crew: Working Crew: 17 (1 x Maneuver, 12 x Engineering, 3 x Command, 1 x Medical)
Retinue: 54 (9 x Maintenance, 45 x Supernumerary)
Crew Accommodations: 71 x K'kree Accomodations (0.012 MW ea.)
Passenger Accomadation: None
Other Facilities: None
Cargo: 552.65 m3 154 Large cargo Hatches
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: None
Air Locks: 60


K'kree Accomodations: 672 kL; 48 tons; 0.012 MW; MCr 1.
K'kree Airlocks: 36 kL; 2.4 tons; 0.012 MW; MCr 0.06; 20 square meters.
K'kree Workstations (TL13): 168/84 kL; 0.2 tons; MCr 0.002.

For each K'kreer! not carried, 672 cubic meters of cargo may be carried nstead. Presumably, the open quarters have some sort of concealed "blast door" system in the ceiling or floor to seal off small portions of the ship if the hull is somehow breached.

Damage Tables

  LS 27H; ELS 14H; JD 76H; PP 13H; FRkt 67H; CG 12H; AG 17H; 
  HEPlaR (3h); PEMS (2h); KSR 1H ea.; AEMS (2h); Others (1h)
  FRkt == Fusion Rkt; KSR == K'kree Accomodations
  AREA  SURFACE                 INT. EXPLOSION
  1     1-6: Antenna            1-9: Elec., 10-20: Quarters
  2                             1-18: Quarters, 19-20: Hold
  3-5                           Quarters
  6-11  1-11: CH, 12-15: AL     Quarters
  12-15 1-12: CH, 13-17: AL     1-8: Quarters, 9-20: Hold
  16,18                         1-9: Engineering, 10-20: Hold
  17,19                         1-8: Engineering, 9-20: Hold
  20                            Engineering

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