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Athenian Class Trader

design by Eamon Watters

The Athenian Class Trader is the first ship design by the Auroran firm of E.P. Aquana and Offspring. It was designed for the first RCSA ship design competition, for a survivable Wilds Trader that would be attractive to Free Traders. We liased with many Free Traders and Coalition Corporations as to their 'ideal' small trader, and this is the result.

The hull is of 250 displacement tons, a bit larger than ordinary traders. Then again, those traders were designed for the Old Imperium, not the Wilds. Of disc configuration, it catches the eye because of many features, firstly it's airframe design. If this ships contragrav breaks down in the wilds it is still capable of safely refueling at gas giants and landing. It also has a beefed up internal structure - to counter turbulence and to enable the ship to set down at sea under stormy conditions - Waterworlds are no obstacle to this ship. As one gets closer something peculiar is noticed - it has three large cargo hatches. The fact is that one of these hatches is for the passenger pod that is carried near the front of the ship. A Free Trader wishing to run cargo can purchase the ship without the pod, and lug lucrative items about in the 73 displacement ton hold - almost as impressive as that of a Subsidised Merchant. Anyone wishing to run a mixed load just leaves it in, cutting cargo to 53 tons, but adding staterooms for 9 more medium passengers. Other pods are being designed, including a 19 berth low passenger pod, a shop pod, a lab pod, and a vehicle pod. If the owner wants to carry more pods he can, 2 more can be fitted behind the other cargo hatches. This does however leave the remaining 13 tons of the bay inaccessable. These pods are built to TL-8 standards, meaning they can be built and supported at a large amount of facilities in the Coalition - and the Wilds. One last thing might catch your eye before you enter the ship - at the end of the wing root, a small 'pepperpot'. This is the dispenser for the ship's decoys - 15 carried in each dispenser. It adds about 3/4 of a million credits to the price of the ship - but they'll help bring her back safe.

While going inside you'll notice the thickness of the hull, armoured to a reasonable level. The hull is also constructed to TL-8 standards to allow it to be manufactured at any of the Coalition's shipyards. The power plant is designed to TL-10 standards and the comms to TL-9 for a similar reason. Looking around it seems much like any other ship, but unlike most ships this one comes with weaponry installed. One AurTech TL-11 80Mj Laser sits at the apex of the ship. This reliable weapon is overpowered so it can fire off a shot every 20 seconds - handy if some Teddie's fired a couple of missiles at you whilst you're running for the Jump radius. An Eosian Sandcaster fills out the weaponry in the dorsal position. A small hangar fills out the requirements for owners that want a air raft. After that there's nothing else to say about the ship - it hauls cargo, people, and will get you there and back safely. Simple. It's flexiblity, with it's pod design, ensures that no matter what the economic climate in our Coalition in the future, the Athenian will be making good money in it.

The design firm liased closely with The Hellenic Trading and Transport Corporation, a Balduri Company. As the company's roots were in a L'steichan nation which drew it's roots back to Greece they though 'Athenian' was an appropriate name (and it might get more orders off the HTTC!).

Athenian Trader

General Data

Displacement: 250 tons Hull Armor: 31
Length: 28.26 meters Volume: 3500 m3
Price:74.7 MCr Target Size:
Configuration: AF Dome/Disc Tech Level: 8/12
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 2485.24 / 2062.04

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 170.51 MW Fusion Power Plant, 1 year duration (25.5765 m3 fuel)
Jump Performance: 2
Jump Fuel: 525 m3
G-Rating: 1G HEPlaR (125 MW/G), Auxiliary High Efficiency CG (25 MW)
G-Turns: 54 (J1: 70.8; 87.6 using all jump fuel), 15.6 m3 fuel each
Maint: 81


Computer: 3xTL-11 Standard computer (0.35 MW)
Commo: Maser (Unlimited; 0.6 MW), Radio (1 hex; 1 MW)
Avionics: Imaging EMS, IGS positioning, 140 km/h NOE
Sensors: AEMS (0.0001 hex; 0.5 MW), PEMS (3 hex; 0.15 MW)
Controls: No Bridge, 6 normal workstations


Offensive TL-11 80Mj Laser Turret overpowered to -2 DMs (Loc 10; 11MW, 1Crew)
Defensive: TL-11 Sand Turret (Loc 11; 1 MW; 1 crew, 24 Cans); 2 Decoy Dispensers (30xTL-12 Decoys total)
Master Fire Directors: None


Life Support: Extended-Reduced (0.4024 MW)
Grav Compensation: Gravitic Compensators (10.06 MW)
Crew: 7 (2xManeuver, 1xElectronics, 2xEngineer, 2xGunnery/Stewards)
Crew Accommodations: 5xSmall Stateroom (0.5 kW)
Passenger Accomadation: 12xMedium, 3xMedium without passenger pod.
Other Facilities: 20dT Pod with 9 of above Small Staterooms, 27.08m3 Passenger Lounge
Cargo (w/Pod): 742 m3 (53 tons)3 Large cargo Hatches
Cargo (w/o Pod): 1022.4 m3 73.03 tons
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 1 x 4-ton minimal hangar
Air Locks: 2


Total Fuel Tankage: 1394.31975 m3 (99.6 tons)
Fuel scoops (10% of ship surface), fills tanks in 1 hours
Fuel purification machinery (2.8MW), 20.91 hours to refine 1394.31975 m3. 8.5 MW power shortfall.

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