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Rossi Nante Far Trader

design by Robert W. Ray

As promised, here is the information I worked up while working the Seeker information on the "400 ton far trader". This ship, the Rossi Nante is currently being used in my campaign and is modified from the original stats published by Seeker Games.

During the Final War, factions of the Imperial shadow corps who were loyal to Margaret found their old networks failing them. Desperate to forge new ties as quickly as possible, they decided to outfit several vessels to do their covert intelligence work for them. Finding usable vessels was getting very difficult as well, so they turned to a small shipyard which the "company" had aquired some years before, Seeker Grand Survey, to build the ships they needed. Because of the increasingly hostile situation, the ships were to be twice the size of normal far traders, so they could support more weaponry. But the spooks would not budge on one point. These vessels were to look as much like the Empress Marava class far traders as was possible. Within a matter of 18 months SGS pushed 16 vessels out of the five shipbuilding slips it owned when a daring raid by Lucan's forces smashed the little shipyard. Known survivors of this class include the Rossi Nante now operating in Coalition space, By-Tor operating in the wilds and now believed to be in control of Guild forces, Snow Dog which is belived infected by an unknown strain of Virus, and Ghost of a Chance which was last reported operating in the Regency.

Rossi Nante Far Trader

General Data

Displacement: 400 tons Hull Armor: 40
Length: 60 meters Volume: 5600 m3
Price: 297.164MCr Target Size: S
Configuration: Wedge AF Tech Level: 13
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 5825/4467

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 1665 Mw Fusion Power Plant, 1 yr duration (56 kl)
Jump Performance: 4
Jump Fuel: m3
G-Rating: 2
G-Turns: 36 with a jump-4 reserve (50 with jump-3 reserve, 64 with a Jump-2 reserve, 78 with a jump-1 reserve, and 92 using all jump fuel
Maint: 91


Computer: 1 TL 13 FIB and 2 TL 13 STD
Commo: Laser 1000AU, Maser 1000AU, Radio 1000AU
Avionics: TL-10+ Terrain-Following TL-13 NOE 170kph
Sensors: Active EMS 480,000km Ladar 300,000km Densitometer 1km Hi-Pen HRT 30,000km Passive EMS 150,000
ECM/ECCM: Area Jammers 30,000km
Controls: Bridge w/ 5 workstations + 3 other workstations TL-13 Holographic Linked


Offensive None
Defensive: None
Master Fire Directors: 1xTL12 Missile/Beam MFD (4 Diff Mods; 4hexes; .32 Mw)


Life Support: Extended
Grav Compensation: 4Gs
Crew: 5 : 1 Command, 2 Maneuver, 1 Engineer, 1 Electronics.
Crew Accommodations: 1 Large Stateroom Single Occ. + 2 Large Staterooms Double Occ
Passenger Accomadation: 7 Large Staterooms, 4 Low Berths
Other Facilities: None
Cargo: 1188 m3 2 Large Cargo Hatches
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 1 Air/Raft w/ integral hangar (minimal)& 1 launch port
Air Locks: 2


Fuel purification plant for 1400 kl in 18 hrs
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