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Wayfarer-Class Scout Cruiser

design by Lewis Roberts

Agency: Imperial Interstellar Scout Service, Bureau of Ships
Request for Proposal: IISS/BuShips RFP-90037/03x7

In response to RFP-90037/03x7 Centaur Enterprises has designed and prototyped the Wayfarer Scout Cruiser. We feel that the Wayfarer meets and in someways surpasses the minimum requirements set forth in FRP-90037/03x7. FRP requires a ship capable of exploring and recontacting planets in uncharted regions of space. The Wayfarer is able to do this without returning to base after each mission. It carries both a machine shop and an electronic shop, capable of repairing minor malfunctions that otherwise would require a visit to a starport. The ship is also freed from visits to starports by being able to skim fuel from gas giants, oceans and comets.

The Wayfarer is powered by a reliable Heplar engine system. Heplar drives are much cheaper and easier to maintain than the newer gravitic thruster plates. Also since Heplar is lower level technology, it will be easier to find replacement parts out in the wilderness areas surrounding the Imperium. Currently thruster plates are only available in the territory surrounding Sylea.

Upon entering a strange system, the Wayfarer is capable of conducting a detailed analysis of the astronomical bodies and of any civilization, with its extensive sensor suite. The analysis is facilitated by the on board planetary science laboratory.

If the ship encounters hostile forces on its missions, it is equipped with a rapid fire heavy laser turret. The turret is controlled by a state of the art MFD. The MFD costs allot, but it should allow the ship to disable enemy craft at a longer range. The ship could have been made significantly cheaper by eliminating the MFD and reducing the laser turret to a light turret, it was felt that wouldn't supply adequate protection against hostile forces. Also the ship carries armor heavier than the average merchant or scout ship. The ship could have carried more armor and weapons, but it was felt that this might provoke a negative reaction in the recontacted worlds.

When the Wayfarer starts to explore an individual world, it can either descend to the world's surface itself or it can send its on board 20 ton Launch. If it does land on the planet, it can still send out the Launch and in addition it can send out its ATV or its three grav bikes. While the grav bikes have a dangerous reputation on Sylea, this same reputation appeals to the type of individuals that the Scout Service tries to recruit. The Grav bikes are extremely long ranged, and very fast. They can carry one passenger in addition to their driver, and can carry a small amount of equipment. In addition they allow the scouts to blow off a bit of steam after being cooped up on a starship for a week or so.

The Wayfarer is designed to be away from its home port for months at a time. The mental health of the crew is a major concern of the IISS. To help combat this problem, each crew member is given his or her own large stateroom. To prevent the feeling of being in a tin can, a small garden (56 cubic meters, basically a 5mx5mx2m room) is located in the center of the ship. It is mostly stocked with ornamental bushes and flowers, but there is room for a few fruit bushes, to provide fresh fruit for the crew.

There is a large common area, stocked with an extensive library of holovids, and datacubes. The ship carries a selection of exercise equipment, and once the ship is in jump space, this gear can be used in the now empty jump fuel tanks. The staterooms surround this common area. The common area features several large (100 gallon) aquariums. These help break up the layout of the room, to prevent it from looking like a giant cube. Also most people find pets to be enjoyable and fun to be with. Larger animals such as furbeasts, and horn hounds are much more active they also require allot more room than a starship provides.

The Wayfarer has a crew of 9. This includes the Captain, pilot, astrogator, turret gunner, MFD controller, 3 sensor technicians and a steward. The steward is not just a cook and social director, he is also trained in psychology and is able act as a ship's consular. The ship can carry up to 8 mission specialists.

The Wayfarer was designed at the dawn of the Third Imperium, as a proposed Scout Service long range scouting vessel. It was not selected due to its expense. Centuar Enterprises the original design firm, soon went out of business. In recent years Dushgin and Delgado have rexamined the design, for possible use as a scout ship. It is an excellent vessel for Free Lancers and other exploring the Wilds. The ship can carry quite a few mission specialists or soldiers, depending on the nature of the mission. The ship won't be quite as luxurious as orignally planned, but it will be better than some of the retrofitted ships that are being built.

The ship was designed with SSDS as published in Starships.

Wayfarer Scout Cruiser

General Data

Displacement: 400 tons Hull Armor: 40
Length: 27.5 meters Volume: 5600m3
Price: 160.22 MCr Target Size: S
Configuration: Box SL Tech Level: 12
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 3420/2789

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 400 MW Fusion. 1 year fuel supply
Jump Performance: 2
G-Rating: 1 w/Heplar
G-Turns: 50. 25m3/hour.
Fuel Tankage: 1250m3 for Heplar, 1120m3 for Jump Drives.
Maint: 131


Computer: 3x TL 12 Std Computers
Commo: 300,000 km Radio, 3x1000AU Maser
Avionics: TL-10+ Avionics
Sensors: 2x300,000km AEMS, 2x120,000km PEMS Fixed Arrays and 1xNeutrino Sensor.
Controls: 7 workstations. High Automation controls


Offensive: 1 Heavy Laser Turret
Defensive: None
Master Fire Directors: 1x300,000km MFD


Life Support: Extended.
Grav Compensation: 3Gs.
Crew: 9:Pilot, Astrogator, Steward, 3 Electronics, 2 Gunners, and 1 Captain.
Crew Accommodations: Crew each has a large stateroom.
Passenger Accommodations: 8 Large Staterooms.
Cargo: 462 m3
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 20 ton Launch, in Docking Tube. TL-10 Civilian ATV, 3 TL-12 Grav Bikes.
Other Facilities: Laboratory, Machine Shop, Electronic Shop, small garden.
Air Locks: 4
Notes:Notes: The ship has fuel scoops and a purification plant. It is capable of scooping 400 tons of fuel in 1 hour, so it can fill all of its fuel tanks, both power plant and jump drive, in 13 minutes. It is capable of purifying 50 tons of fuel per hour, so it takes 1 hour and 36 minutes to purify the jump drive fuel.

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