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New Hope Scout

design by Unknown

The New Hope was GUESS's first jump capable ship, and was initially fitted for system survey. The New Hope is equipped with a standard missile launcher and carries 4 Pinto Recon Drones on Survey missions. With better survey vessels coming on-line, the New Hope is being used mainly as a transport, with her crew reduced to one pilot and one electronics/engineering crew member. The New Hope is a salvaged Third Imperium Scout hull, with only the Fuel Processing Plant salvaged. The Fuel Processing plant can refine 710m^3 fuel in 20.28 hours, and can skim 710m^3 in 1 hour.

Pinto Recon Drone

Volume: 7m3
Price: 3.81 MCr
Sensors:60,000km Passive EMS, Folding Array.
Size: Mc

New Hope Scout

General Data

Displacement: 100 tons Hull Armor: 28
Length: 35 meters Volume: 1400 m3
Price: 39.45 MCr Target Size: S
Configuration: Wedge SL Tech Level: 10 (Hull and Processor Plant 15)
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 900.5/832.33

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 140MW Fusion Power Plant (47MW/hit)
Jump Performance: 1
Jump Fuel: 140 m3
G-Rating: 2G (50 MW/G)
G-Turns: 91.2 (113.6 using jump fuel), 6.25m^3 fuel per turn
Maint: 38


Computer: 2x TL-10 St. Computers (.3MW each)
Commo: 30,000km Radio (1 hex, 1MW), 30,000km Laser (1 hex, .08MW), 1000AU Maser ( Inf., .6MW)
Avionics: TL-10+
Sensors: 120,000km Passive EMS (4 hexes, .25MW), TL-10 Neutrino Detector
Controls: 6 Workstations


Offensive 1 Missile Turret (Loc: 10, Arc 1,2,3) 2 ready missiles
Defensive: None
Master Fire Directors: None


Life Support: Extended (.28MW)
Grav Compensation: Grav Compensators (7MW)
Crew: 7 (2x Manuever, 2xEngineering, 2x Electronics, 1x Gunner)
Crew Accommodations: 4x Large Staterooms (0.001MW each)
Passenger Accomadation: None
Other Facilities: None
Cargo: 17 m3 1 Large cargo Hatches
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 2 ton Minimal Hangar and Launch Port
Air Locks: 1

Damage Tables

 Area       Surface             Internal
 1          Ant                 Elec
 2-3        Ant                 1-5 Elec, 6-20 Quarters
 4-5                            1-10 Elec, 11-20 Quarters
 6-7                            1-10 Hold, 11-20 Quarters
 8-9                            Hold
 10         1-5 ML, 6-15 Ant    1-10 ML, 11-20 Quarters
 11                             Hold
 12-15                          Hold
 16-17                          1-15 Eng, 16-20 Hold
 18-19      1-5 CH, 15-20 LP    Hold
 20         1-5 AL              Eng

  Neutrino Sensor 1H, Passive EMS 2h
  Large Staterooms 1H,  Life Support 1H, Emergency Life Support 1H,
  Artificial Gravity 1H
  Jump Drive 1H,  Power Plant 3H,  Manuever 2h,  Contra-Grav 1H, FPP- 1H
 All else 1h.

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