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Ktiyhui Courier

design by Pete Grey

The Ktiyhui is the Hierate's standard small courier. J-5 ability made it a mainstay between smaller frontier systems and main communication arteries. (The original S&A design only had J-3, a terrible limitation in my humble opinion.) The ship is fitted with a limited number of staterooms and a small cargo bay for the transport of VIPs and high-priority cargos. Most members of the class only carry the 150MJ laser turret, adding the missle turrets only for military dispatch duties or Quarantine operations. The listed mass below includes the missle turrets. As with the Regency's J-boats, a fourth computer handles all data reception, transmission and storage.

Ktiyhui Courier

General Data

Displacement: 200 tons Hull Armor: 25
Length: 34 meters Volume: 2800 m3
Price: 89.852 MCr Target Size: S
Configuration: SL Cylinder Tech Level: 14
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 2466.57 / 2304.64

Engineering Data

Power Plant:240 MW TL-14 Fusion Plant (1 year duration).
Jump Performance: 5 (168 cm3 per parsec)
Jump Fuel: 840 m3
G-Rating: 2Gs (100/G), CG Lifters (20 MW)
G-Turns: 44.5 (12.6 m3/G-turn)
Maint: 83


Computer: 4xTL-14 st Computers (0.5 MW each)
Commo: 30,000 km radio (Range: 1), 1000 AU Maser
Avionics: TL-10+
Sensors: PEMS 120,000 km folding array (Range: 4, 0.3 MW), AEMS 180,000 km (Range: 6, 8.0MW)
Controls: PEMS 120,000 km folding array (Range: 4, 0.3 MW), AEMS 180,000 km (Range: 6, 8.0MW)


Offensive 1 TL-14 150MJ laser turret (loc: 10 arcs: 2, 3, 4. 4.2 MW)
2 TL-14 Missle Turrets (Optional) (Loc: 8, 9. Arcs: 2, 3, 4. 0.15 MW each, 2 missles each)
Defensive: None
Master Fire Directors: 1 TL-14 DF MFD (Range: 10, 1.2 MW)

Name Short Medium Long Extreme
50MJ Laser Lance10:1/22-68 20:1/15-46 40:1/7-23 80:1/4-11


Life Support: Extended (0.224 MW)
Grav Compensation: 6Gs (11.2 MW)
Crew: 5-7 (2 Manuever, 1 Electronic, 1-3 Gunners, 2 Engineering, 1 Command.)
Crew Accommodations: 5 small staterooms (single-double occupancy depending upon armament.)
Passenger Accomadation: 6 small staterooms (variable occupancy.)
Other Facilities: Fuel Purification Plant that can refine a full fuel load in 24 hours.
Cargo: 239 m3 1 Large Cargo Hatch
Small Craft and Launch Facilities:
Air Locks: 2

Damage Table

Location       External        Internal
1              Ant             Elec
2-3            1-2: Ant, 3:AL  1-2: Elec, 3-20: Qtrs
4-5                            1-10: Qtrs, 11-20: Hold
6-7                            Hold
8-9                            1-6: MT, 7-20: Hold
10                             1-6: LT, 7-20: Hold
11-15                          Hold
16-17                          1: Eng, 2-20: Hold
18-20                          Eng

Systems Damage:  JD: 4H     SR: 2h
                 PP: 3H     AG: 1H
                 MD: 4h     LT: 1H
                 CG: 1H     MT: 1H
                FPP: 3H    MFD: 3h
                    All Others: 1h

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