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Animal Safari Ship

design by Peter Gray

The Animal class Safari Ship is a relic of much more prosperous times. During the Last Imperium, corporations often chartered wilderness junkets to entertain clients and honored guests, or to reward company executives. Essentially the Safari Ship is a yacht for hunting and wilderness expeditions. On the spacelanes of the Imperium, it was referred to as the "Manta Camper", in reference to its flying wing shape, and otherwise extravagant purpose. Despite this, thousands were manufactured for nobles and private companies, and surplus vessels made their way into the hands of outfitters and private individuals. The Collapse has thrust these vessels into a commercial role. The Regency starship shortage has meant that owners have held on to their ships as long as possible, and have recycled them for use in light passenger and courier duties. Examples in the Wilds may run the gamut from commercial use to military purposes.

The Skiff and Air Raft are usually deployed from either orbit, or from an established base camp, and are primarily used to reduce the amount of "intrusion" that would come from having to use the Safari Ship in a mobile manner. The quality of the ship's construction depended upon the manufacturer, with Safari Ships manufactured by Tukera being of very high quality, and those produced by General Shipyards being the epitome of mediocrity. Most surviving examples were of the highest manufacturing quality. (Ironically, GP absorbed a good deal of Tukera's surviving shipyard capacity in the Regency, including support services and quality assurance.)

Stats adapted from CT Adventure 10: Safari Ship.

Animal Safari Ship

General Data

Displacement: 200 tons Hull Armor: 14
Length: 25.5 meters Volume: 2800 m3
Price:57.146 MCr Target Size: S
Configuration: Disc AF Tech Level: 14
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 961.25 / 747.74 tons

Engineering Data

Power Plant: TL-14 162 MW Fusion
Jump Performance: 2 (210 m3 per parsec, 420 m3 for J-2)
Jump Fuel: 420 m3
G-Rating: 1 (100 MW/G)
G-Turns: 48 with J-2 reserve, 59.2 with J-1 reserve. (13.7 m3 per G-turn)
Maint: 27


Computer: 3 TL-14 St (0.5 MW)
Commo: 300,000 KM Radio (Range: 10, 10 MW), 1000 AU Maser (0.3 MW)
Avionics: TL-10+
Sensors: PEMS 120,000 km Fixed Array (Range: 4, 0.1 MW), AEMS 120,000 km (Range: 4, 10 MW)
Controls: 2 Bridge plus 1 Normal


Offensive Optional TL-14 150 MJ Laser Turret (4.2 MW)
Defensive: None
Master Fire Directors: NOne

Name Short Medium Long Extreme
150 MJ LT 2:1/10-31 4:1/10-31 8:1/10-31 16:1/10-31


Life Support: Extended (0.56 MW)
Grav Compensation: 5Gs (14 MW)
Crew: 4-5 (2 Manuever, 1 Electronics, 1 Engineering, 1 optional Steward.)
Crew Accommodations: 4 Small Staterooms (Single Occupancy)
Passenger Accomadation: 7 Large Staterooms (Varying Occupancy.) 1 98 m3 Lounge, 42 m3 Retractable "Porch."
Other Facilities: Fuel Purification Plant (24 hrs, 0.31 MW)
Cargo: 130.4 m3 1 Small Cargo Hatch
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 1 20 ton skiff (docking ring) and 2 ton air raft (docking ring.) 2 Launch Doors.
Air Locks: 2

Damage Tables

Location       Internal       External
1               Ant           1-9:Elec, 10-20:Hold
2-3,6-7                       Qtrs
4-5,7-9                       Hold
10              LP,Ant        Skiff
11              LP            1-4:Air Raft, 5-10:LT,
12-13                         1-8:Qtrs, 9-20:Hold
14-15           AL            Hold
16-17           CH            1-7:Eng, 7-20: Hold
18-19                         1-7:Eng, 7-10:Hold
                              11-20: Skiff
20                            1-14:Eng, 15-20: Porch

System Damage:

 JD: 2H      LT: 1H
 PP: 1H     LSR: 1H
 MD: 1H     SSR: 2h
 CG: 2H  Lounge: 3H
FPP: 2H   Porch: 1H
 LS: 2H    Tank: 3H
ELS: 1H   All Others: 1h

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