The Regulator

990 ton System Defense Boat

The scale used on these plans is 1 meter per square
Each deck is 3 meters in height with 2.5 meter from floor to ceiling
The decks are number from the top deck, Level 1, to the bottom deck, Level 4.

Level 1:

more detailed view of Level 1

1: Missile Magazine
2: Meson Screens
3: Nuclear Dampener
4: Dorsal Laser Turrets Access
5: Dorsal Laser Turrets MFD Workstations
6: Missile MFD Workstations
7: Machine Shop
8: Electronics Shop
9: HEPlaR Drives
10: Power Plant
11: Sandcaster Turrets
12: Airlocks (exit to topside of the boat)

Level 2:

more detailed view of Level 2

1: Sandcaster Turrets
2: Ship's Messhall
3: Crew Lounges
4: Quadruple Occupancy Crew Staterooms. With normal crew level 8 of the Crew Staterooms will have only 2 crew member assigned to them.
5: Single Occupancy Senior Officers Staterooms for the 6 senior officers
6: Double Occupancy Officers Staterooms for 4 of the 5 junior officers. It has become tradition for the 5th junior officer serving onboard Regulators to be quartered in the bunkroom. The selection of which junior office is quartered in the bunkroom varies from boat to boat but is usually determined by a game of skill such as card or a type of lottery.
7: Bunkroom has 12 bunks with typically 6 assigned to ships troops, 1 assigned to the ships Janitor and 1 assigned to a junior officer. Generally the last four remain unassigned
8: The Computer Room
9: The Bridge
10: Electronics Lockers
11: Life Support
12: Ship Locker
13: Airlocks
14: HEPlaR Drives
15: Power Plant and Main Engineering

Level 3:

more detailed view of Level 3

1: Main Gun (either N-PAW, Meson Gun, or additional fuel)
2: Quadruple Occupancy Crew Quarters
3: Sandcaster Turrets
4: The Surgery
5: Intensive Care Unit
6: Low Berths
7: HEPlaR Drives
8: Power Plant

Level 4:

more detailed view of Level 4

1: Main Airlock
2: Fuel Scoops and Purifiers
3: Ventricle Laser Turrets MFD Workstations
4: Ventricle Laser Turrets Access
5: Contra Grav Units
6: Cargo Bay
7: HEPlaR Drives
8: Power Plant
9: Sancaster Turrets

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By Chris Cox
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