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Banshee-Class Light Attack Jet/Interceptor

design by Lewis Roberts

A twin engined stealth fighter. Its heavy (2 tons) load of missles give it an excellent strike capacity. It role would be equivalent to the F-15 Strike Eagle. It can also carry air to air missles in its missle bays. With its fuel probe it can stay up for several hours. These features combine to make it a decent interceptor. The design was done with Fire Fusion & Steel

Banshee-Light Attack Jet/Interceptor

General Data

Values in parenthesis refer the Banshee loaded with external drop tanks.
Price: 4.53MCr
Size: 1500m3
Mass: 25 tonnes (31 tonnes)
Power:Two HBT provide .414 MW. An internal fuel cell provides .15 MW for 6 hours. It has its own fuel supply.
Maint: 6

Controls:Enhanced Electronic Controls, TL-8 all-weather flight avionics. 2 Flight Computers, Satelite Positioning.
Coomunications:3000 km Radio, 30 km laser designator/communicator
Sensor:15 km Radar
Electronic Countermeasures:Stealth, 10 IR and 10 Radar decoys in 2 dispensers. The ratio can be changed at launch.
Life:Support:Oxygen Mask
Crew:1 with advanced cockpit armor (AV 4) and advanced ejection seat.
Fire Control: 30km laser designator TL 8 digital ballistic computer (-2 diff mods) and imaging radar.
Armament: 2 tons of missles in internal bays. 20 mm Autocannon
Ammo:2000 rounds of ammo for 20mm autocannon
Maxiumum Speed: 2800 kph (2267 kph)
Cruising Speed: 2100 kph (1700 kph)
NOE Speed: None
Travel Move: 8400 (6800)
Combat Move: 389 (315)
Agility: 8 (7)
Fuel Consumption: 2070 liters/hour
Internal Fuel Capacity: 5530 liters of hydrocarbon distillates. Fuel Cell carries .54 liter of hydrocarbon distillates in a seperate storage tank. Though the fuel cell can use fuel from the main tank, if neccesary. The Banshee also has a fuel probe for mid-air refueling.
Endurance:2.67 hours (5.57 hours)
Range: 5607 km (9469)
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