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Mosquito-Class Fighter

design by Idiot/Savant

Named by RCES forces for the insect-like noise made by its engine, the Mosquito represents an advancement on the Paper Kite design, being an aircraft purpose-built for air-to-air combat. While it shares the Paper Kite's wood and canvas construction, it is faster and more maneuverable, being built as a monoplane, with a conventional "puller" propellor at the front of the fuselage. The aircraft's single machine gun is equipped with another advance - interruptor gear, allowing it to fire through the propellor without running the risk of shooting away the blades.

While the Mosquito is designed as a fighter, it is also equipped with an under-fuselage bomb-rack, allowing it to carry up to 80kg of ordanance, usually in the form of 8 * 10 kg or 4 * 20 kg bombs.

The plane was designed with Fire Fusion & Steel.

Mosquito-Class Fighter

General Data

Price: 8825 Cr
Tech Level: 4
Size: 16m3
Mass: 250 kg fueled, 338 kg max takeoff.
Power: 0.036 MW internal combustion engine with propeller generating 0.018 tonnes thrust (no surplus power)
Maint: 1

Controls: Primitive Mechanical
Comunications: None
Sensor: None
Electronic Countermeasures: None
Life Support: None
Cargo: None

Crew 1: Pilot/gunner in cramped crewstation.
Fire Control None
Aramanment: One TL-4 HMG in forward fixed mount. One fuselage hardpoint, capable of carrying up to 80 kg of ordanance.
Ammo: 1200 rnds of ammo. Plus hardpoint weapons.
Maxiumum Speed: 139 kph, 141 kph loaded.
Cruising Speed: 145 kph 106 kph loaded.
NOE Speed: NA
Travel Move: 580 km, 424 km loaded.
Combat Move: 27 unloaded, 20 loaded.
Agility: 4/3
Fuel Consumption: 7.2 L HCD/hour
Internal Fuel Capacity: 30 liters HCD
Endurance: 4.2 hours
Range: 290 km, 212 km loaded.
Takeoff Roll: 85 m, 157 m loaded.
Landing Roll: 75 m

Weapon Stats

RoundROFDam valPen Rtg Bulk Mag Recoil Short
7*57mm ball (flexi) 104 2-3-Nil 6 1200 - 200

10 kg HE bomb C: 4 ' B: 21 5C
20 kg HE bomb C: 7 B: 27 8C

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