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Fokker-Class Triplane

design by Unknown???

Fokker Dr.1 Triplane (or more accurately, something close to it). The design is under weight by 0.022 tonnes (22 kg) which is available for extra fuel, cargo, or a "gravitationally challenged" pilot :-)

The plane was designed with Fire Fusion & Steel.

Fokker Dr.1-Class Triplane

General Data

Price: 20,195Cr
Tech Level: 4
Size: ??m3
Mass: 560 kg 756 kg max takeoff.
Airframe: Simple STOL
Power: TL4 propeller 0.04 t generating 0.04 tons of thrust
Maint: 1

Controls: Primitive Mechanical
Comunications: None
Sensor: Magnetic Compass.
Electronic Countermeasures: None
Life Support: None
Cargo: None

Crew 1 Pilot/Gunner
Fire Control None
Aramanment: Fixed mounts for 2 MMG's
Ammo: 500 rounds for each gun.
Maxiumum Speed: 191 kph.
Cruising Speed: 143 kph.
NOE Speed: NA
Travel Move: 574
Combat Move: 27
Agility: 7 (4 + 3 from Manuver Enhancments)
Fuel Consumption: 16 L HCD/hour
Internal Fuel Capacity: 80 L
Endurance: 5 hrs.
Range: 717 km
Takeoff Roll: 231 m
Landing Roll: 75 m
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