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Phantom-Class Interceptor

design by Idiot/Savant

An advanced TL-6 / early TL-7 design, intended for use as a supersonic interceptor and fighter/bomber. The aircraft is fitted with multiple plumbed hardpoints and an inflight refuelling probe to increase endurance, and has a corrosion-resistant airframe and strengthened landing-gear for carrier use. Both crewmembers are provided with ejector seats.

Typical load is four 200 kg TL-6 radar-designated AAMs on fuselage hardpoints (1700 kg), two 100 kg TL-6 IR-homing AAMs on the outboard wing hardpoints (400 kg), and two 1500 kg drop-tanks on the inboard wing hardpoints (3000 kg), increasing endurance to three hours and range to 3690 km. Alternatively, the inboard wing hardpoints can each carry a pair of 100 kg TL-6 IR-homing AAMs plus a 1000 kg drop-tank, freeing up the outboard wing hardpoints for decoy dispensers and EW jammer pods.

The plane was designed with Fire Fusion & Steel.

Phantom-Class Interceptor

General Data

Price: MCr 3.53
Tech Level: 6/7
Size: 1200m3 (wings fold to 600m3)
Mass: 20 T fueled, 27 T max takeoff.
Power: Two TL-6 Turbojets (4.68 tonnes thrust each; 7.02 tonnes on afterburner); 9.36 tonnes thrust total (14.04 tonnes on afterburner). Auxilary Power Unit (ICE) generating 0.33 MW. (0.0057 MW power surplus)
Maint: 7 (14 on carrier)

Controls: TL-7 Electronic.
Comunications: 30 km radio (0.001 MW).
Sensor: 6 km radar (0.4 MW).
Electronic Countermeasures: None.
Life Support: Basic (sealed cockpit), plus oxygen tanks and masks.
Cargo: None

Crew 2: Pilot/gunner and radar operator in cramped crewstations.
Fire Control Analog ballistic computer (-1 DiffMod); Cannon has optic rangefinder.
Aramament: One TL-6 15mm six-barrelled rotary cannon.
Hardpoints:One plumbed fuselage centerline hardpoint (2000 kg capacity). Two dry fuselage (IW) hardpoints (1050 kg capacity each) Two plumbed inboard wing hardpoints (1500 kg capacity each). Two outboard wing hardpoints (500 kg capacity each). Maximum external stores is 7000 kg.
Ammo: 1000 rounds for cannon.
Maxiumum Speed: 2457 kph, 1820 kph loaded (on afterburners).
Cruising Speed: 1229 kph, 910 kph loaded.
NOE Speed: NA
Travel Move: 4916 km, 3640 km loaded.
Combat Move: 342 unloaded, 253 loaded.
Agility: 7/6
Fuel Consumption: 2423.5 L HCD/hour
Internal Fuel Capacity: 4920 liters HCD. Inflight refuelling probe fitted.
Endurance: 2 hours.
Range: 2458 km, 1820 km loaded.
Takeoff Roll: 668 m, 1049 loaded (446 / 699 m on afterburners)
Landing Roll: 751 m.

Weapon Stats

RoundROFDam valPen Rtg Bulk Mag Recoil Short
15*80 mm ball 5011 2-2-3 14 1000 - 600
15*80 mm APDS 5011 1-1-2 14 1000 - 600

IR-homing AAM-6100 kgCr 752 4 5.8 km6.8 kg HEPen: 6C C:10 B:32
Launch Rail100 kgCr 5000
Radar-designated AAM-6200 kgCr 1476 5 13.7 km10 kg HEPen: 11C C:15 B:39
Launch Rail200 kgCr 10000

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