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Intruder-Class Attack Aircraft

design by Idiot/Savant

A TL-6 carrier-based long-range attack aircraft. The transonic airframe is rated for 20 tonnes, but fuelled mass is only 19.5 tons, allowing 7.5 tons of ordanance to be carried. The aircraft is equipped with radar, allowing all-weather operations, and an inflight refuelling probe for increased endurance. Both crewstations are fitted with armoured ejector seats (AV 2), and the bombadair's position is provided with a missile guidence unit for radio-controlled weapons and a TL-6 analog ballistic computer for deadfall ordanance.

Typical load varies according to mission - common ordanance carried include both command-guided and deadfall bombs, anti-radar homing missiles, and nuclear weaponry. A standard ground-attack load is 30 215 kg bombs (C:72 B:85), arrranged in 5 "sticks" of 6 (1390 kg per hardpoint). The Intruder can also be used as a tanker, by adding two 1500 kg inflight refuelling pods and two 1500 kg drop-tanks.

An upgraded TL-7 variant is also available, with enhanced sensors and avionics and increased payload. The plane was designed with Fire Fusion & Steel.

Intruder-Class Attack Aircraft

General Data

Price: MCr 3.115
Tech Level: 6
Size: 1200m3 (wings fold to 600m3)
Mass: 19.5 T fueled, 27 T max takeoff.
Power: Two TL-6 Turbojets (3.42 tonnes thrust each; 6.84 tonnes thrust total). Auxilary Power Unit (ICE) generating 0.32 MW. (0.0017 MW power surplus)
Maint: 7 (14 on carrier)

Controls: TL-6 Enhanced Mechanical.
Comunications: 30 km radio (0.001 MW).
Sensor: 6 km radar (0.4 MW).
Electronic Countermeasures: One dispenser with 12 anti-IR decoys. One dispenser with 12 anti-radar decoys. Each decoy lasts one combat turn (5 seconds) and increases difficulty of the appropriate sensor tasks vs. the Intruder for that turn by +1 DiffMod for TL-6+ systems, +2 DiffMods for TL-5- systems. Full load of decoys costs Cr 480,000.
Life Support: Basic (sealed cockpit), plus oxygen tanks and masks.

Crew 2: Pilot and Bombadair/Navigator in open crewstations.
Fire Control Analog ballistic computer (-1 DiffMod); Control unit with 10km radio for command-guided munitions. Wing hardpoints equipped with repeaters for homing missiles.
Aramament: None.
Hardpoints:One plumbed fuselage centerline hardpoint (2000 kg capacity). Four plumbed inboard wing hardpoints (1500 kg capacity each). Maximum external stores is 7533 kg.
Ammo: None.
Maxiumum Speed: 1100 kph clean, 842 kph loaded
Cruising Speed: 875 kph clean, 632 kph loaded.
NOE Speed: NA
Travel Move: 3500 km clean, 2528 km loaded.
Combat Move: 153 clean, 117 loaded.
Agility: 6
Fuel Consumption: 1790 L HCD/hour
Internal Fuel Capacity: 7160 liters HCD. Inflight refuelling probe fitted.
Endurance: 4 hours.
Range: 3500 km clean, 2528 km loaded, 4424 ferry.
Takeoff Roll: 567 m clean, 923 loaded.
Landing Roll: 477 m.
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