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Rampant Phoenix-Class Orbiter

design by Roderick Darroch Elliott

Built by AgnaashKa Li, another aerospace manufacturer, the Rampant Pheonix is a typical tri-mode (turbojet/ramjet/rocket) AZHRAE spaceplane of a configuration found across the Imperium at similar tech levels. However, its payload and passenger capacity is somewhat lower than the norm due to Maaliikaa's dense atmosphere and high gravity. These factors also force an inflight refuelling prior to switching into ramjet mode.

The vehicle was designed with Fire Fusion & Steel.

Rampant Phoenix-Class Orbiter

General Data

Price: 362 MCr
Tech Level: 9
Size: ??m3
Mass: 2200 tons max takeoff.
Power: TL-7 fuel cell 1 MW
Engines:TL-8 AZHRAE, 1008/1680/2520 tons thrust 504/3360/11340 m3/Hr
Maint: ??

Airframe: Hypersonic
Controls: TL-9 computer linked
Comunications: None
Sensor: Magnetic Compass.
Electronic Countermeasures: None
Life Support: Basic
Cargo: None

Crew 3
Crew Accomodations: 3 cramped crewstations
Passenger Accomodations: 8 cramped passenger stations
Fire Control None
Aramanment: None
Ammo: None
Maxiumum Speed: 1575/3465/4544 kph.
Cruising Speed: 1181 kph.
NOE Speed: 0
Travel Move: 4724
Combat Move: 219
Agility: 7
Internal Fuel Capacity: 850 tons HCD (850 m3), 400 tons HRF (1334 m3)
Endurance: 111 mins turbojet mode only, plus 7 minutes more if rocket mode is used.
Range: 2646 km
Takeoff Roll: 4560 m
Landing Roll: 4724 m
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