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Snark VTOL Attack Craft

design by Nick Bradbeer

Here's a little something I came up with for the STREA Marines on my TL-11 homeworld. I wanted a VTOL attack craft that wasn't a helicopter or a plane, so I went for brute thrust VTOL. The Snark has two High-Bypass turbofans pointing downward on either side of the fuselage with a facility to vector thrust out backward. Attitude control is by puffer jets on the wingtips and tail. The form of the craft is rather like the Orca from Command and Conquer, with a relatively thin fuselage with weapon stub wings and a tandem cockpit. Armament comprises a chain gun in the nose and racks for 12 of my standard AT missiles, or 24 7.5kg minature missiles.

Snark VTOL Attack Craft

General Data

Price: 0.586 MCr + Weaponry
Tech Level: 11
Volume: 100m3, or 7.2 displacement tons
Mass: 5 tonnes
Power: 2x3-tonne HB turbofans 0.16 MW Improved Internal Combustion auxiliary generator 2 hours turbine fuel, 3 hours generator fuel.
Maint: 1

Controls: TL-11 Controls, Flt Computer Nav Aids, Terrain Following and Avionics
Comunications: 300km radio TxR 30km laser comm unit/designator
Sensor: FLIR Thermal Imager
Electronic Countermeasures:Area Jammer - 10km radius
Life Support: Overpressured cockpit, oxygen masks and tanks
Cargo: None standard

Crew:2 Pilot and WSO. 2 Cramped Crewstations in tandem cockpit for pilot and WSO Ejection seats, AF2 cockpit armour
Fire Control: None
Armament: Launch Rails for 12x15kg missiles - these can be replaced with any payload weighinhg up to 360kg; machineguns, bombs, ECM pods, specialist electronics, even cargo.
Ammo: See above.
Maxiumum Speed: 630 kph
Cruising Speed:
NOE Speed: 150 kph
Travel Move:
Combat Move: 83
Agility: 5
Fuel Consumption:
Internal Fuel Capacity:
Endurance: 2 hours turbine fuel, 3 hours generator fuel.
Takeoff Roll:
Landing Roll:


350kg allocated for chin gun. This will take either my 2cm chaingun with very little ammo, or an automatic grenade launcher. Or possibly a plasma something, which I haven't looked at.

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NameTLGuidance MassPriceC-B Pen Range M/turn AGL
Carver9 Laser Rider 15 kg 662Cr C:13 B:35 Pen:113C 8000m 833