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Golem-B Attack Plane

design by Stan Bundy

This is a TL 9 variant of the Golem, with upgraded systems and an HBT replacing the fuel cells. This version is be a joint venture between the Luhtalan manufacturer and a minor Oriflamme aircraft manufacturer seeking to expand its operations. The latter was not originally enthused with the prospect of a business venture with the Luhtalans, until its owner got a chance to fly one of the standard Golems, and was so impressed with the design that the usual Centrist/Federalist rivalries took a back seat to the desire to build such a well- rounded design.

Golem-B Attack Craft

General Data

Price: 2.2963 MCr
Tech Level: 9
Volume: 480 m3
Mass: 16 tonnes Max take off weight 21.6 tonnes.
Power: 2 HBT that produced 2 tonnes of thrust each. Produes 0.08MW. There is also a 0.6 MW MHD Turbine which draws on the same fuel as the HBTs.
Maint: 4

Controls: Flight Computer, Enhanced Electronic Controls, Avionics (TL9), Terrain Following Avionics.
Comunications: 300 km Radio, 15 km Laser Communicator with Command Guidance capability.
Sensor: 30 km Radar, 3 km Ladar, 30 km HRT, IE Scope.
Life Support: Cramped Cockpit, Advanced Ejection Seats Advanced Cockpit Armor, Oxygen Tanks & Masks.
ECM: Decoy Dispenser with 7 chaff and 7 flares.
Cargo: None

Crew: 2. Pilot & Weapons Officer
Fire Control: Advanced Stablization. Fire at any speed.
Armament: 3cm/L75 6 Barrel Autocannon. 4 hardpoints per wing: 4 Triple Bomb/Missle Racks, 2 Mult Bomb/Missile Racks and 2 Plumbed IWHPs for multiuse.
Ammo: 2000 rnds for the autocannon. 12 Cr/round
Maxiumum Speed: 788kph/621kph (Clean) 583kph/460kph (Max Weight)
Cruising Speed: 591kph/466kphk (Clean) 437kph/345kpkh (Max Weight)
NOE Speed: 130kph
Travel Move: 2126/1700 (Clean) 1684/1578 (Max Weight)
Combat Move: 110/86 (Clean) 81/64 (Max Weight) 17 (NOE)
Agility: 8/7 (Clean) 7/7 (Max Weight)
Fuel Consumption: 0.4 tonnes/hour (total)
Internal Fuel Capacity: 3.6 tonnes. Refuelling Probe
Endurance: 7 hours on internal fuel only. 14 hours using internal & external fuel.
Range: 2415 km (Drop tanks only; no munitions) 4424 (Fully armed)
Takeoff Roll: 240m (Clean) 377m (Max Weight)
Landing Roll: 144m (Clean) 167m (Max Weight)

AmmoROF DamDice Pen Val Magaz S Range
APFSDSDU 407 17-15-13-82000625


The move values with the slash indicate with 10 drag points and with 29 drag points.

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