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Valkryie Penetration Bomber

design by Nick Bradbeer

The Valkyrie is not a stealthy aircraft, being optimised instead for going very very fast. Aircraft from one of the two Valkyrie bases on Cyrinia (For more information on Cyrinia, see the Korinall Cluster (PERI0013) on the PERI page.) can reach any point on the world's surface within three hours without requiring in-flight refuelling, carrying up to four cruise missiles each in an internal bay.

The operational role of Strike Wing is to cripple an invasion attempt as early as possible by destroying key assets before they can be employed. Strike Wing has never flown in anger, since Cyrinia has never been invaded.

Valkryie Penetration Bomber

General Data

Price: 8.37 MCr
Tech Level: 13
Volume: 3000 m3
Mass: 50 tonnes
Power: 45.5 tonne turbofans, 720 kW Imp Int.Combustion Aux Power Pack
Maint: 8

Airframe: Hypersonic
Controls: 2 x TL-13 Flight Computers, TL-10+ Avionics, Nav and Terrain Following, GPS System
Comunications: 300km Laser Comm, 300km Radio
Sensor: 300km PEMS Array
Electronic Countermeasures: 300km Area Jammer
Life Support:
Cargo: None

Crew: 2
Fire Control:
Armament: 2-tonne internal bomb bay, 2 x 5000kg plumbed Fuselage Hardpoints
Ammo: Depends on mission loadout
Maxiumum Speed: 5000 kph
Cruising Speed: 3750 kph
NOE Speed: 0
Travel Move: 1500
Combat Move: 695
Agility: 8
Fuel Consumption: 5.6 tonnes of fuel per hour
Internal Fuel Capacity: 16.8 tonnes fuel
Endurance: 3 hours
Range: 5625 km radius on internal fuel, 8830 km radius with 2 x 5000 litre tanks
Takeoff Roll: 563 m
Landing Roll: 1210 m


Optional in-flight refuelling probe

Usual Payload:

  • Hardpoint:5000 litre fuel tank
  • Bay: 4 x 500kg cruise missiles
  • Hardpoint: 5000 litre fuel tank

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