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Harrier Multirole VTOL

design by Nick Bradbeer

The Harrier is the utility aircraft of the Cyrinia Air Force. ( For more information on Cyrinia, see the Korinall Cluster (PERI0013) on the PERI page.) Capable of attack and air defence missions, two of the squadrons are flown off the Navy's two aircraft carriers, while the other two fly out of conventional land bases.

In a war scenario, the carriers would be used as strike-extending staging areas, while the land-based aircraft would move off their bases and operate from clearings, stretches of road and similar dispersed sites.

Harrier VTOL

General Data

Price: 1.7 MCr
Tech Level: 10
Volume: 600 m3
Mass: 10-ton
Power: 9 tonne turbofan, 190 kW Imp Int.Combustion Aux Power Pack
Maint: 2

Airframe: Transonic
Controls: TL-9 Avionics, Nav and Terrain Following ,TL-9 Flight Computers ,GPS System
Comunications: 30km Radio, 30km Laser Designator
Sensor: 10km Radar, 3km HRT Array
Electronic Countermeasures: None
Life Support:
Cargo: None

Crew: 1
Armament: 30mm-L56 Electric Autocannon
Fire Control: Advanced Stablization for Autocannon
Ammo: 280 Autocannon rounds
Maxiumum Speed: 1100 kph
Cruising Speed: 825
NOE Speed: 140
Travel Move: 3300 / NOE=840
Combat Move: 153 / NOE=19
Agility: 6
Fuel Consumption: 1.1 tonne of fuel per hour
Internal Fuel Capacity: 4 tonnes of fuel
Endurance: 3.5 hours
Range: 3950 km radius on internal fuel
Takeoff Roll: VTOL
Landing Roll: VTOL


Air-to-Air Refuelling Probe
AV-4 armoured ejection seat

Usual Payload:

  • Wingtip: 100kg AAM, 100kg ARM
  • Outboard: 250kg Chaff Dispensor
  • Inboard: 1000kg Laser-Guided Bomb
  • Fuselage: 600 litre Fuel Tank, 30mm Gun Pack
  • Inboard: 1000kg Laser-Guided Bomb
  • Outboard: 250kg Jamming Pod
  • Wingtip: 100kg AAM, 100kg ARM

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  • NameTLGuidance MassPriceC-B Pen Range M/turn AGL
    Carver9 Laser Rider 15 kg 662Cr C:13 B:35 Pen:113C 8000m 833