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TL-5 Light Helicopter

design by Idiot/Savant

An advanced TL-5 light helicopter, used mostly for observation. The pilot and copilot share a large transperant bubble in the nose, and the rest of the craft consists mostly of engine and rotor assembly. The basic aircraft is capable of lifting almost 250kg of extra mass, though owing to the tightness of the cabin such loads will likely have to be carried externally. Common variants include adding a battery-powered 3km radio (110 kg; Cr 230; 3 hours power), stub wings for ground attack, or a medevac version with a pair of externally mounted litters (240/40 kg, Cr 200).

The helicopter was designed with Fire Fusion & Steel with Antti Lahtinen's suggested adjustment of doubling rotor lift..

TL-5 Light Helicopter

General Data

Price: 27050 Cr
Tech Level: 5
Size: Micro (72m3).
Mass: 679 kg empty, 954 kg fuelled, 1200 kg max takeoff.
Power: 0.15 MW internal combustion engine driving Lt MTR rotor assembly for 0.12 tonnes thrust (no surplus power).
Maint: 1

Controls: Basic Mechanical
Comunications: None
Sensor: None
Electronic Countermeasures: None
Life Support: None
Cargo: Up to 246 kg configurable / underslung cargo.

Crew: 2: Pilot/Copilot in open crewstations.
Passengers: None.
Fire Control: None.
Armament: None.
Maxiumum Speed: 298 kph.
Cruising Speed: 223 kph.
NOE Speed: 40 kph.
Travel Move: 892 km.
Combat Move: 41, 6 at NOE.
Agility: 4
Fuel Consumption: 37.5 L HCD per hour.
Internal Fuel Capacity: 75 liters HCD
Endurance: 2 hours
Range: 446 km.
Design Worksheet

Mass (kg)Power (MW)Price (MCr)
Simple airframe (1.2T)12.00.012
Basic mechanical controls16.80.0024
TL-5 Navaids0.10.01
0.15MW ImpIC375.0[0.15]0.00075
Lt MTR rotor assembly (1.2 T/lift)
2 open crewstations200.00.0004
2 crew[200.0]
HCD (2 hours)[75.0]

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