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TL-7 Light Helicopter

design by Idiot/Savant

A low-tech general purpose helicopter, capable of carrying five people plus a small amount of cargo. Military versions are available, often adding short-range HRTs, LA scopes, laser-designators and small stub-wings for gun- or rocket-pods at the expense of passangers and cargo.

The helicopter was designed with Fire Fusion & Steel with Antti Lahtinen's suggested adjustment of doubling rotor lift.

TL-7 Light Helicopter

General Data

Price: Cr 85775
Tech Level: 7
Size: Micro (120m3).
Mass: 1171 kg empty, 1533 kg fuelled, 2000 kg max takeoff.
Power: 0.25 MW gas turbine driving Lt MTR rotor assembly for 2.0 T lift and 0.2 tonnes thrust. 0.025 MW ImpIC APU (0.004 MW surplus power).
Maint: 1

Controls: Electronic
Comunications: 30 km radio (0.001 MW)
Sensor: None
Electronic Countermeasures: None
Life Support: None
Cargo: Up to 126 kg internal cargo.

Crew: 2: Pilot/Copilot in open crewstations.
Passengers: 3
Fire Control: None.
Armament: None.
Maxiumum Speed: 298 kph.
Cruising Speed: 223 kph.
NOE Speed: 40 kph.
Travel Move: 892 km.
Combat Move: 41, 6 at NOE.
Agility: 4
Fuel Consumption: 81.25 L HCD per hour.
Internal Fuel Capacity: 203.13 liters HCD
Endurance: 2.5 hours
Range: 558 km.
Design Worksheet

Mass (kg)Power (MW)Price (MCr)
Simple airframe (2T)20.00.02
Electronic controls28.00.010.01
TL-6 Flight avionics0.10.010.05
30km radio20.00.0010.00025
0.25MW Gas turbine500.00.0025
Lt MTR rotor assembly (2.0 T/lift)80.00.0025
0.025MW ImpIC APU62.5[0.025]0.000125
2 open crewstations200.00.0004
2 crew[200.0]
3 passanger seats60.00.0003
3 passangers[300.0]
HCD (2.5 hours)[203.13]

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