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TL-8 Attack Helicopter

design by Idiot/Savant

An advanced TL-8 all-weather attack helicopter. The crew share a cockpit in the nose, with the weapons operator sitting ahead of the pilot. The cockpit is armoured and equipped with an overpressure system to protect the crew from chemical weapons and radioactive fallout. The sensors, designator and rangefinder are mounted in a chin-turret, with the pilot and WO each having a display for HRT and II information. The WO is equipped with a helmet-mounted sight for the underslung 30mm autocannon.

The aircraft is optimised for tank-busting, and is usually equipped with 16 laser-guided missiles (500 kg for 4 50kg missiles, launch rails & multi-rack) and 2 twin packs of short-range IR-homing AAMs (100 kg for a twin reloadable tube-launcher). Because of the long range of the missiles, other units are often used to designate targets, with the attack helicopters hanging back as launch platforms. Other ordenance can be carried, including 19*7.5cm rocket packs (262 kg each) and drop tanks (370 kg for an extra hour's fuel).

The helicopter was designed with Fire Fusion & Steel with Antti Lahtinen's suggested adjustment of doubling rotor lift.

TL-8 Attack Helicopter

General Data

Price: Cr 377255
Tech Level: 8
Size: Very Small (450m3) (150m3 with rotors folded).
Mass: 4198 kg empty, 5300 kg fuelled, 7500 kg max takeoff.
Power: 1.01 MW gas turbine driving MTR rotor assembly for 8.08 tonnes lift and 0.808 tonnes thrust. 0.12 MW ImpIC APU (0.0015 MW surplus power).
Maint: 3

Controls: Enhanced electronic (0.0375 MW), TL-7 flight avionics (0.01 MW), TL-8 terrain-following avionics (0.05 MW).
Comunications: 30km radio (0.001 MW)
Sensor: 3km HRT (0.003 MW), 2 * II Viewer (0.25 km; 0.002 MW)
Electronic Countermeasures: 2*5-shot IR decoy dispensers.
Life Support: Overpressure
Cargo: None.

Crew: 2: Pilot/weapons operator in cramped crewstations. Armoured cockpit (AV 4).
Passengers: None.
Fire Control: 3km Laser Designator (0.005 MW). Laser rangefinder. 2 data-repeaters. TL-8 ballistic computer (-2 DiffMods).
Armament: Fixed forward-firing 30L77 cannon with 300 rounds. Stub wings with two * plumbed IWHP (500 kg each), two OWHP (500 kg each) and two WLR (100 kg each). 2200kg external stores.
Maxiumum Speed: 320 kph.
Cruising Speed: 240 kph.
NOE Speed: 120 kph.
Travel Move: 960 km.
Combat Move: 44, 17 at NOE.
Agility: 4, 3 at NOE.
Fuel Consumption: 333 L HCD per hour (303 L for gas turbine; 30 L for APU)
Internal Fuel Capacity: 666 liters HCD
Endurance: 2 hours
Range: 480 km.

Weapon Stats

RoundROFDam valPen RtgShortPriceWeight
30mm APFSDS10614-12-10-7 500Cr 7.10.72 kg

GuidanceMassPricem/turnAGL RangePenDamage
Laser desig HEAP-850 kgCr 97212504 8.2 km163CC:34 B:58
IR homing-810 kgCr 153838506 5.3 km4CC:9 B:29
7.5cm unguided HEAP-610 kgCr 6734755 0.2 km38CC:5 B:22
7.5cm unguided HE-610 kgCr 4934755 0.2 km4CC:7 B:27

Design Worksheet

Mass (kg)Power (MW)Price (MCr)
Simple airframe (7.5T; corrosion resistant)75.00.07875
Enhanced electronic controls105.00.03750.05625
TL-7 flight avionics1.00.010.1
TL-8 terrain-following avionics50.00.050.01
SatPos unit1.00.010.02
2 cramped crewstations400.00.0015
2 * advanced cockpit armour (AV 3)300.00.02
2 crew[200.0]
Overpressure (5 kL)5.00.0005
30km radio2.00.0010.00025
3km HRT600.0030.03
Fixed antenna100.01
2 * II viewer100.0020.006
TL-8 Ballistic computer20.00.005
3km Laser designator80.0050.0012
Laser rangefinder40.00.005
2 * data repeater1.00.001
2 * 5-shot decoy launcher80.00.00006
10 * IR decoy[20.0]
1.01 MW Gas Turbine (corrosion resistant)2020.00.010605
MTR rotor assembly (8.08 T/lift; folding)404.00.00808
0.12 MW ImpIC (corrosion resistant)300.0[0.12]0.00063
HCD (2 hours)[666.0]
2 * IWHP (wet); 2 * OWHP; 2 * WLR120.00.0092
30L77 autocannon183.00.00323
300 rounds 30mm[216]

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