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TL-6 Medium Transport Helicopter

design by Idiot/Savant

A basic low-tech transport and utility helicopter, used as a "flying truck" on many worlds. The basic model's cargo bay can be accessed through either side-mounted sliding doors or a rear clamshell hatch, and is able to carry over 4 tons of cargo. Passanger models are usually outfitted for 24 passangers, with 50kg of cargo each. Military transport models are usually fitted with folding rotors for ease of transport, stub-wings for rocket or gun-pods, and can carry up to 12 fully equipped troops as well as almost 2 tons of external ordenance.

The helicopter was designed with Fire Fusion & Steel with Antti Lahtinen's suggested adjustment of doubling rotor lift..

TL-6 Medium Transport Helicopter

General Data

Price: 168466 Cr
Tech Level: 6
Size: Very Small (600m3) (200 m3 with rotors folded).
Mass: 4732 kg empty, 5895 kg fuelled, 10000 kg max takeoff.
Power: 1.25 MW internal combustion engine driving MTR rotor assembly for 10 tonnes thrust. 0.034 MW ImpIC APU (0.013 MW surplus power).
Maint: 3

Controls: Enhanced Mechanical (0.02 MW)
Comunications: 30km radio (0.001 MW)
Sensor: None
Electronic Countermeasures: None
Life Support: None
Cargo: Up to 4105 kg configurable / internal cargo.

Crew: 2: Pilot/Copilot in open crewstations.
Passengers: None.
Fire Control: None.
Armament: None.
Maxiumum Speed: 298 kph.
Cruising Speed: 223 kph.
NOE Speed: 40 kph.
Travel Move: 892 km.
Combat Move: 41, 6 at NOE.
Agility: 4
Fuel Consumption: 321 L HCD per hour.
Internal Fuel Capacity: 963 liters HCD
Endurance: 3 hours
Range: 669 km.
Options: TL-6 Avionics (Cr 50000, 0.01 MW), passanger seats (Cr 100, 120 kg of cargo sapce each), stub wings (4 * 500kg OWHP; 80kg of space + payload, Cr 8000); folding rotors (Cr 15625) .
Design Worksheet

Mass (kg)Power (MW)Price (MCr)
Simple airframe (10T; corrosion resistant)100.00.105
Enhanced mechanical controls1400.020.03
TL-5 Navaids0.10.01
30km radio100.00.0010.0005
1.25MW ImpIC (corrosion resistant)3125.00.0065625
MTR rotor assembly (10 T/lift)781.250.015625
0.034MW ImpIC (corrosion resistant)85.0[0.034]0.0001785
2 open crewstations400.00.0006
2 crew[200.0]
HCD (3 hours)[963.0]

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