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Damselfly Ornithopter

design by Pete Grey

The Damselfly ornithopter is a local product of Nesturgi (Foreven 2128), a result of a shortage of grav vehicles on that world. The design is a mix of TL 10 materials and TL 12 electronics and power plant, a reflection of the technological divergence between the world's main cities and its extensive "outback". The Damselfly was originally reserved for the use of Nesturgi's Coast Guard (its "wet" navy), police, rescue and Geological Survey services, but retired examples have shown up in the possession of local corps, charter services and wealthy locals/sportsmen.

Powered by a compact fuel cell, the 'thopter does not have scintillating performance; indeed most civilian ground vehicles can outrun it. But over Nesturgi's oceans, its glide-loiter ability, combined with its normal 10 hour endurance, allows it to come into its true element as a surveillance, patrol and rescue platform. The "heart" of the 'thopter is its 30 km PEMS, which enables it to sweep the ocean for trouble. Normally only a two man crew is carried, but it carries provisions for two additional crewmen and four passengers, or six passengers depending on its ownership or mission profile. All Damselflies in civil service are seconded to the military in national or military emergencies.

Damselfly Ornithopter

General Data

Tech Level: 10/12
Price: 1.3429 MCr
Size: 1264.2 m3 storage. 30.1 tons with "rotors" removed.
Mass: 1.505 tons fully loaded.

Engineering Data

Power Plant: TL-12 0.32 MW Fuel Cell driving ornithopter rotors that provide 0.96 tons of lift/0.096 tons thrust.
Maint: 1


Controls: Electronic Linked. 2 Open Crewstations.
Computer: None
Avionics: TL-12 NOE Avionics and Flight Avionics.
Commo: 300 km Radio (0.01 MW)
Sensors: 3 km Radar (0.02 MW), 30 km PEMS (0.003 MW), WSV Viewer.
Life Support Basic (0.001 MW)
Cargo: None (Removal of seats can provide 120 kgs of cargo capacity)
Crew: 2-4 (Pilot, Copilot, plus two optional rescue/observation personnel)
Passengers: 4-6


Offensive None
Defensive: None
Ammo: None
Fire Control: None
Stabilization: None


Max Speed: 190 kph/ 143 kph cruising / 160 kph NOE
Travel Move: 821
Combat Move: 74
Endurance: 10 hours
Fuel Capacity: .426 m3


Sig: Small
Diff vs Fire: +4

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