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design by Lewis Roberts

Design Notes: I saw Goldeneye, the new Bond movie, last month, and made this soon there after. Its pretty big, but 5 cubic meters of that is just from the two cramped workstations. Fuel efficency is horrible, but that's normal for FFS. I put two ejection seats from the aircraft section in, they seemed like they fit. Well, hope you have fun with it. The design was done with Fire Fusion and Steel.

Information: This is the standard issue secret agent sportscar with various useful attachments, such as twin heavy machine guns, armor plating, ejection seats and it even has an auxilury water propulsion system, so it can go in the water.


General Data

Price: 111,916 Cr
Size: 11.75 m3
Mass: 8.8 tonnes unloaded, 9.8 tonnes loaded
Power: 0.1 MW Improved internal combustion Engine. Auxilury Water Propulsion Unit.
Maint: 2
Controls: Baic Controls
Communications: 30 km radio
Sensors: Light Amplification Scope 120m, 2 Headlights 30m, Inertial positioning.
Life Support: Heat, air conditioning, lights, champagne cooler. Twin ejections seats for driver and passenger.
Cargo: 0.5 m3
Crew: 1
Passengers: 1
Fire Control: TL-8 Ballistic computer allows up to +2 Diff mods to be disregarded. Imaging Radar.
Armament: 2 x 13mm HMG (See TNE rulebook) in two front chassis mounts
Stabilization: Advanced, Fire at any speed.
Ammunition: 500 rounds.
Speed: 295 kph on road, 184 kph off road, 18 kph in water.
Travel Move: 585 km/4 hours
Combat Move:135 meters per turn.
Fuel Capacity: 250 liters of HCD
Fuel Consumption: 62 liter per hour. (Endurance of 4 hours).
Combat Statistics:
Configuration: Open
Suspension: Wheel(3)

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