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TL-9 Light Patrol Vehicle

design by Idiot/Savant

"The LPV was designed for use by militias and para-military police forces in counter-insurgency and counter-terrorist operations. It's limited range makes it unsuitable for long range patrols, and its thin armor and small main weapon make it unsuitable for use against main-force military units, but the LPV serves admirably well against irregular units, and those equipped only with small arms.

"The vehicle is typically equipped with a 20mm auto-cannon, but for some missions this may be replaced with a 7mm gatling gun or chemical smoke generator (producing anti-riot gasses).

"The LPV is manufactured by Instellarms, and by dozens of smaller firms under license."

The LPV originally appeared in JTAS 14, and was redesigned using Fire Fusion & Steel. The revised version is slightly slower than the original, and features a coaxial LMG, decoy launchers, and improved sensors.

TL-9 Light Patrol Vehicle

General Data

Price: 77661 Cr
Tech Level: 9
Size: Micro (21m3).
Mass: 12.1 T empty; 13 T loaded.
Power: 0.66 MW MHD turbine
Maint: 3

Controls: Computer linked, SatPos, gyrocompass.
Comunications: 30 km radio.
Sensor: 2 * visible light headlights (30m). II Scope (250m). 0.3 km HRT with fixed antenna on turret.
ECCM: Two four-shot decoy-launchers, typicly holding smoke grenades.
Life Support: Light, Heat, Overpressure.
Cargo: 82.5 kg (0.33 m3).

Crew: 2 (driver, commander/gunner)
Passengers: None.
Fire Control: Optic Rangefinder.
Armament: Turret-mounted 20mm autocannon and 7*57 coaxial MG.
Stabilization: Basic (autocannon and MG)
Ammo: 350 rounds 20mm; 500 rounds 7mm.
Speed: 149 kph maximum road speed, 59 kph maximum cross-country speed, 15 kph maximum amphibious speed.
Travel Move: 300 / 120 / 30
Combat Move: 70 / 30 / 7
Fuel Consumption: 132 L per hour.
Fuel Capacity: 660 L Hydrocarbon distillate.
Endurance: 5 hours.
Combat Statistics:
Configuration: Turret.
Suspension: Wheel (3)
    Turret Front:23
    Turret Sides:15
    Turret Rear:9

Weapon Stats

RoundROFDam valPen Val Short Ammo Price Ammo Weight
20mm APFSDS-7 204 6/5/4/3 600 3.42 0.284
20mm APFSDSDU-8 204 7/6/5/3 600 6.42 0.284
20mm HEAP-9 20C:1 B:5 17C 450 3.42 0.284

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