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Brick Mobile SAM Battery

design by Lewis Roberts

The Brick is the standard mobile SAM launcher of the Oriflamme military. It was originally designed in 1163, before the wide spread advent of nativly produced grav vehicles. It is not a front line unit, and its lack of grav propulsion is not a fatal flaw. The Brick Mobile SAM Launcher was designed to provide anti-air defense to high value field units. In appearence it is a flat long box, with six wheels. The missile launcher is mounted in the large turret on the top of the vehicle. The missile launcher has one tube and a magazine for six missiles. The crew sits in a large cabin at the front of the vehicle. The driver and gunner sit side by side, while the vehicle commander sits behind and slightly above. The vehicle is armored to protect it against shrapnel from artillary barrages, not so the vehicle can withstand fire from main battle tanks. The vehicle is design to stay well back from the front lines. The vehicle does not have any weapons beside the missiles, though there are gun ports on either side of the main cabin, for the crew to use with small arms. The Brick does not have stablization, and it is expected the vehicle will be at rest before firing its missiles.

The Brick has a 0.5 m3 cargo hold directly behind the main cabin. This is used to carry supplies for the crew. Usually the crew brings along a small supply of critical replacement parts and some tools. These are strapped down to the outside of the vehicle. The vehicle has plenty of strap on, for attaching gear to the outside of the vehicle. The vehicle has a small crane attached to the turret, to assist in the reloading of the missile magazine. The spare missiles are stored in specialized compartments to either side of the turret.

The vehicle is designed as a mobile SAM battary launching Spear missiles, though it can be modified to launch Lance ballistic missiles. This requries the addition of an indirect fire control system at an additional cost of 100,000Cr and additional weight of 0.1 ton.

Brick Mobile SAM Battery

General Data

Tech Level: 9
Price: 192,150 Cr
Size: 70 m3
Mass (unloaded/loaded): 24.85 / 48.85

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 3.0 MW MHD Turbine
Maint: 8


Controls: Computer Linked
Computer: None
Avionics: Satellite Navigation System
Commo: 30km Radio
Sensors: HRT 30km, Imaging Radar
Life Support: Light, heat, basic life support
Cargo: 0.5 m3
Crew: 3 (Commander,Gunner,Driver)
Passengers: None


Offensive 6 Spear missiles.
Defensive: None
Ammo: 6 ready missiles in magazine, 12 more in storage.
Fire Control: Homing Missile Guidance System.
Stablization: None


Max Speed: Road Speed: 171 kph / Cross Country: 68kph
Travel Move: Road Speed: 345 / Cross Country: 130
Combat Move: Road Speed: 80 kph / Cross Country: 30
Endurance: 10 hours
Fuel Capacity: 6m3 of HCD


Config: Turret
Suspension: Cross Country Wheel
TF: 6 HF: 6
TS:6 HF: 6
TR: 6 HF: 6
Deck: 6 Belly:6

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