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TL-8 Armored Personal Carrier

design by Antti Lahtinen

This is a TL-8 wheeled APC, roughly similar to SISU-PASI, but equipped with better engine (TL-8 rotapower Wankel), larger fuel tank and composite armor. The APC is used as bullet/fragment resistant troop tansport, and relies more on speed and manouverability than armor.

There are no sensor systems other than headlights, but just about anything can be installed.

The maximum groundspeed is calculated using realistic model based on atmospheric drag, wheelsystem rolling resistance and transmission losses. The wheels are large "tractor wheels".

There are 3 firing ports on each side and one in rear door.

The driver and front passenger sit side-by side at the front, and the remaining 6 passenger are at rear. Engine is compartment is behind the driver. The passenger seats are build-in part of the internal wall and the rear cabin can be loaded with passengers or cargo without any modifications. If passenger remain standing, it is possible to cram in 12 passengers (personal weapons only, no backpacks) for short trips. The internal roof is fitted with fabric loops so that the passenger can hang on them during cross-country driving.

The vehicle is fully amphibious, and moves on water by rotating wheels at ~10 km/h. (SISU-PASI has auxiliary water propulsion, but I could not find enough data to use it in this vehicle.)

The vehicle has a turret-ring which can be fitted with various weapon systems. Small turrets and pintle-mounted guns have no effect on performance, but is a large turret is fitted (Marksman, AMOS), the hull volume must be re-calculated.

When used as IFV or Anti-tank role, the vehicle is usually fitted with KBP's "Kliver" combination turret, which contains quad launcher for "Kornet" anti-tank missiles, 30 mm autocannon (fires 4000 rounds in minute) and 7.62 mm machine gun. The stabilized aiming system contains thermal imager and laser ranging unit.

With fully-loaded AMOS-2 turret (twin 120 mm autoloaded mortars with full stabilization; can launch "Strix" missiles; capable of direct fire) the vehicle hull volume is 2 td, mass rises to ~11.5 tons, and groundspeeds drop to 141 km/h (road), 124 km/h (ground) and 46 km/h (sand).

Armored Personal Carrier

General Data

Tech Level: 8
Price: 15,980 Cr
Size: 21 m3
Mass(Loaded/Empty): 8.7 / 6.9

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 300 kW Wankel Internal Combusion Engine
Maint: 1


Computer: None
Avionics: None
Commo: Radio (30 km; 0.001 MW)
Sensors: 2x headlight (50 W halogen)
Life Support Basic (13 m3 supported volume; 1.3 kW)
Cargo: 0 m3 (9 m3 when carrying only one passenger)
Crew: 1 (driver) in a front cabin
Passengers: 7


Offensive 0.9 m3 reserved for small turret (may be fitted with Bushmaster, Gortshak, Kliver or any other small turret)
Defensive: None Standard
Ammo: None Standard
Fire Control: None Standard
Stablization: None Standard


Max Speed: 177 kph
Travel Move:
Combat Move:
Endurance: 24 hours
Fuel Capacity:1.8 m3


Config: Small Turret
Suspension: Cross Country Wheeled
HF: 9
HS: 6
HR: 6
Deck:6 Belly: 6


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