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Horronon ATV

design by Pete Grey

I designed a FFS version of the CT Horronon ATV, of old Double Adventure 3 fame.

The Horronon ATV was originally manufactured by Horronon Vehicles of Trin/Trin's Shroud. First introduced in 1063, it was intended for light military, police, exploratory and rescue work. A TL 10 track design for reliability and flexibility, and to give it long legs away from fixed bases. The vehicle was an immediate success, especially on the lower-tech frontier worlds that were its intended market, where it filled just about every role from light APC to frontier patrols to firefighting and mobile base work.

The Rape of Trin destroyed Horronon as a commercial entity, and the vehicle went out of production for a decade, as the only other plant, on Porozlo/Rhylanor, went into recievership. Fortunately, the plant was bought by a former Instellarms division, Pryndde Metals, and production resumed in 1150. A second factory started production under license at Yelim/Daryen in 1162, on the eve of its centennial anniversary.

Most Horronons are encountered BTC within the Regency or other Spinward States. But a vast number were sold before the Civil War to worlds between the current frontier and Vland, and no doubt fill many current TED arsenals.

Horronon ATV

General Data

Tech Level: 10
Price: 685,750 Cr
Size: 112 m3
Mass (loaded/unloaded): 67.244 / 59.324

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 3 MW TL 10 Fusion Plant.
Maint: 13


Controls: TL 10 Dynamic Controls, TL 10+ IGS
Computer: None
Avionics: None
Commo: 3000 km laser, 300 km radio
Sensors: 30 km PEMS, TL 10 WSV Viewer*2, Headlights, AIR Searchlight, Searchlight.
Life Support Heat, Light, Basic LS, Extended LS
Cargo: 31.7 m3
Crew: 2 (Driver, Commander/Gunner) in 2 open crewstations. 2 bunks provided for crew.
Passengers: 8 in adequate seats


Offensive One hardpoint for open mount weapon.
Defensive: None
Ammo: None
Fire Control: TL 10 EMS RF.
Stabilization: None


Max Speed: 120 kph road, 60 kph off-road
Travel Move:
Combat Move:
Endurance: 4 months
Fuel Capacity: 0.15 m3


HF: 12
HS: 8
HR: 8
Deck: 8 Belly: 8


The Horronon in MT 101 Vehicles displaced 10 tons. But I shaved 2 tons off to bring down cost and weight. Incidentally, this is the plain vanilla basic model. Other variants add armor, an airlock, rescue equipment and other add ons at the expense of cargo.

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