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Gashedda Undersea ATV

design by Pete Grey

This is a conversion of the Megatraveller design in DGP's 101 Vehicles.

The tracked Gashedda was marketed by Sternmetal Horizons in the antebellum period as a smaller companion piece to its successful Tiamat Mining Crawler. It was designed as a logistical support vehicle for Tiamat operations, or to do supplementary survey and freight duties for undersea mining, aquaculture, construction or scientific operations.

Like its bigger cousin, the "Gash" is buoyant enough to float, and a similar system of dual purpose cargo/ballast tanks (1100 m3) are used to enable the vehicle to remain on the bottom. And like the Tiamat, it is overpowered for a maximum load, with governors to keep it at the listed speed.

The vehicle usually comes either in a normal cargo model (shown below) or as a customizable model with options for labs, sickbays, machine shops, fuel purification plants and various construction attachments. A light military model is also available for government purchasers; it mounts several PADS in vertical tubes, allowing for a deep water air-defense role. A conversion kit also exists that allows for conversion of retired Gashes to be converted for passenger or tourist carriage.

Gashedda Undersea ATV

General Data

Tech Level: 10
Price: 14.009 MCr
Size: 2240 m3
Mass (loaded/unloaded): 1258.91 tons unloaded, 1566.1 tons loaded (2240 tons maximum)

Engineering Data

Power Plant: TL 10 101 MW Fusion Plant
Maint: 65


Controls: 3 x Open crewstations
Computer: 2 x TL-10 St Computers (0.15 MW each)
Avionics: None
Commo: 30,000 km Radio (1 MW), 30,000 km Laser (0.08 MW)
Sensors: PEMS 30 km (0.1 MW)
Life Support Extended (0.448 MW), 2 airlocks.
Cargo: 1445.821 m3
Crew: 3 (Operator, Engineer, Maintenance)
Accomodations: 6 Small Staterooms (varying occupancy)


Offensive None
Defensive: None
Ammo: None
Fire Control: None
Stabilization: None


Max Speed: 115 kph road, 57 kph offroad, 23 kph water
Travel Move: 496/199/99
Combat Move: 56/22/11
Endurance: One year
Fuel Capacity: 9.8 m3


Config: Standard
Suspension: Tracked
HF: 20
HS: 20
HR: 20
Deck: 20Belly: 20

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