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GrPz-IV Grav Tank

design by Antti Lahtinen

The GrPz-IV (Gegengravitatpanzerkampfvagen Mark IV) is a modular armored fighting vehicle, which can be fitted with large variety of weapons and equipment. The tank is a scaled down high-tech version of older Solomani GrPz-III, designed for lower cost and easier maintenance.

The GrPz-IV consists of a 2.5 DT main hull which includes 1 DT modular socket. Any weapon system up to 1 DT (14 m3) can be carried internally, but larger systems may be placed in external turret.

Before collapse the GrPz-IV was manufactured by Rheinmetall in Sachen (Saxe 1437 Solomani Rim) and by Aurora Boriolis in Viipuri (Vyborg 1540 Solomani Rim). Modular weapon systems were available from several manufacturers.

Variants: GrPz-IV was designed to be easily modified, and there was large number of standard and non-standard variations, ranging from MRL carrier to command vehicle.

GrPz-IV Ls (Ls = "Laserstrahl") was one of the most common variants encountered during the Solomani Rim war. The main weapon is rapid-pulse X-ray laser, which is used mainly as anti-armor and orbital point defense applications. While X-ray lasers have poor atmospheric performance, GrPz-IV Ls can still penetrate the front armor of Imperial "Trepida" at 3000 km range

While a single tank can be quite deadly, a command tank can turn a tank group into orbital point defense battery. The command tank has long- range sensors and can feed fire-control data to ther tanks using its master fire director.

The Solomani troopers have sometimes build hedgehog stations around their bases by hooking up several tanks into external power sources and feeding them sensor and fire-control data form a MFD.

GrPz-IV Grav Tank

General Data

Tech Level: 14
Price: 2.222804 MCr
Size: 35 m3
Mass: 70.6 tonnes loaded / 70.3 tonnes empty

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 6 MW fusion, 1 month duration (0.1 m3 fuel)
Maint: 4


Controls: No bridge, 2 open workstations, Standard Automation
Computer: 2xTL-14 Flight computer (0.05 MW)
Avionics: Imaging EMS, inertial/gravitational positioning, 180 km/h NOE
Commo: 2xMaser (300 km; 0.04 MW), Radio (300 km; 0.01 MW)
Sensors: AEMS (3 km; 0.5 MW), PEMS (3000 km; 0.008 MW), Ladar (3000 km; 0.002 MW)
ECM/ECCM: 45 sensor decoys (15 Laser, 15 AEMS, 15 PEMS), EM Masking (0.035 MW)
Life Support Basic (7 m3 supported volume; 0.001 MW), Artifical Grav/CG (0.035 MW)
Cargo: 0 m3
Crew: 2 (1xManeuver, 1xGunner)
Passengers: None


Offensive Turret-mounted TL-14 rapid-pulse 144-MJ X-ray laser, VRF Gauss gun on small turret over main turret, Retractable missile bay (1 m3, 1 ton missiles; 20+ Tac Missiles)

LmtR-144-1-5: X-ray non-gravitic remote main turret laser. Can be powered up to -5 Diff Mods with 83.22 MW power input and ROF SA5 with 192 MW power input. Advanced stabilization (fire at any speed). Beam pointer gives -5 Diff Mods in planetary combat.

Energy for 150 shots stored in internal battery. Power plant can reload one shot in 36 seconds. Laser can be used against soft-skinned targets with higher rate of fire (ROF 3: DV 17-1/6, ROF 10: DV 9-1/3, ROF 50: DV 4-1).

VRF Gauss: 3.85 mm mass driver (coil gun), firing steel darts at 6000 m/s muzzle velocity. Advanced stabilization (fire at any speed)


Defensive: None
Ammo: None
Fire Control: Beam pointer gives -5 Diff Mods in planetary combat for laser.
Stablization: Advanced stabilization (fire at any speed) on both weapons.

Weapon ROF Dam Pen Rtg S Range
144-MJ X-Ray Laser SA5 30 1/10-1/5-1/2-1 3000 km
VRF Gauss 50 12 2-2-3 10.000 300


Max Speed: 1171 km/h (325 m/s)
Travel Move:
Combat Move:
Endurance: Full thrust for 12 hours.
Fuel Capacity: 4.488 m3


Config: Small Turret
Suspension: Grav
TF: 252 HF: 252
TS:126 HF: 126
TR: 126 HF: 126
Deck: 126 Belly:126


Total Fuel Tankage: 4.6 m3 (0.3 tons)
0.6 MW power surplus
0.8 m3 unused volume (reserver for additional sensor pacages, such as 300 km AEMS, etc.)
lenght 4.7 m
width 3.4 m
height 2.2 m
Hull shape, armor volume and reference area calculated from accurate model (custom shape: rounded box with wedge nose). Maximum airspeed calculated by assuming standard atmosphere and hull drag coefficient 0.6. (Cd ~ 0.4, + 0.2 for turret, etc.)

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