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Oriflamme Cavalry Vehicle

design by Idiot/Savant

A light grav-tank used for scouting by the Oriflammen Marine Corps. The long-range HRT necessitates the use of a standard computer, with a flight computer as backup. If the main computer is damaged, HRT range is restricted to 30km. The turret mounts a 7cm L75 autocannon of the same type used in the OMC's MBT, a coaxial 15mm RC(E) HMG and laser designator in a fully stabilised mount. A 200-round magazine is mounted with the weapon, sufficient for over three minutes of sustained fire.

The Cavalry Vehicle uses the same hull, electronics and thrusters as the Cavalry Missile Vehicle.

The cavalry vehicle originally appeared in Striker II and was reverse-engineered with Fire Fusion & Steel.

Oriflamme Cavalry Vehicle

General Data

Tech Level: 9
Price: MCr 2.90955
Size: 84 m3 = 6 DspT
Mass: 91.06 T empty, 94.72 T loaded

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 2.82 MW MHD turbine supplying 1.8 MW to standard ContraGrav lifters. Twin HBTs producing 23.1 Tons thrust and 0.462 MW. (0.0075 surplus power).
Maint: 24


Controls: Computer linked (0.003 MW), TL-8 flight avionics (0.1 MW), TL-9 terrain-followng avionics (0.04 MW).
Computer: TL-9 Std computer (0.5 MW); TL-9 Flight computer (0.05 MW)
Commo: 3 km Maser (0.01 MW), 3000 km Radio (0.1 MW)
Sensors: 300 km HRT (0.01 MW), 30 km radar (0.2 MW), 3 * II Scope (0.25 km; 0.0015 MW)
ECM/ECCM: 3 25-round decoy launchers, carrying a total of 75 decoys (usual mix is 25 IR, 25 anti-laser and 25 radar).
Life Support Heat, light, pressurised, basic (0.0084 MW)
Cargo: 0.49 kL (0.12 T)
Crew: 2 (Commander/gunner, driver)
Passengers: None


Offensive: Small remote turret with TL-9 7cm L75 ETC Autocannon, coaxial 15mm RC(E) HMG and 3km laser designator.
Ammo: 200 rounds 7cm; 2000 rounds 15mm.
Fire Control: Imaging radar RF. TL-8 point defence ballistic computer (ignores up to 2 DiffMods; halve DiffMods of balistic targets)
Stablization: Advanced stabilization (fire at any speed) on both weapons.

RoundROFDam ValPen RtgPenValShortPriceWeight
7cm L75 ADFSDSDU-9SA531NA139-129-119-99 740Cr 1969.15 kg
7cm L75 HEAPSA5C:6 B:18NA77C 550Cr 1069.15 kg
7cm L75 HESA5C:10 B:22NA4C 550Cr 769.15 kg
15mm RC(E) ball3162-2-28-8-8-8 300Cr 6.650.133 kg


Speed: 707 km/h maximum, 530 km/h cruising, 130 km/h NOE.
Travel Move: 2120 high, 780 low.
Combat Move: 18 NOE.
Endurance: Full thrust for 6.5 hours.
Fuel Capacity: 18.681 kL LHyd. MHD uses 0.564 kL / hour; HBTs use 2.31 kL / hr.


Config: Small turret
Suspension: Grav
TF: 48 HF: 48
TS: 33 HF: 33
TR: 24 HF: 24
Deck: 24 Belly:34

Design Worksheet

Volume (kL)Mass (kg)Power(MW)SAPrice (MCr)
6 DspT Fast Subsonic4.2
Radical frontslope16.8
4cm CompLam (AV=24)
+1.5cm sides0.816.480.00661
+1.66cm belly0.756.00.00612
Std CG3.
2 * OpenC/S7.00.40.002
TL-8 flight avionics0.0010.0010.10.2
TL-9 TF-avionics0.
3km MASER0.0050.
30km radar1.
300 km HRT0.
- Fixed array0.
2 * II Scope0.0020.0020.0010.002
3*25-rd decoy launchers0.2250.2253.00.000225
- 75 decoys[0.05625]
Remote Turret:
- 7cmL75 ETC gun1.78020.89010.4140.01262
- 200 rd magazine1.830.01830.000092
- 200 rds[1.83]
- Imaging radar RF0.120.060.01
- TL-8 PD BalComp0.080.040.01
- coaxial 15mm RC(E) HMG0.12770.063850.03310.016218
- 2000 rds0.532[0.266]
- 3km laser desig0.0040.0040.0051.00.0018
- Advanced stabilisation0.63450.317250.0158625
MHD Turbine4.74.7[2.82]0.047
HBTs 23.1T/t7.77.7[0.462]0.48125
LHyd (6.5 hrs)18.681[1.30767]


Turret size = 8% of total volume.

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