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Cohort Mk II APC

design by Blakrider

This vehicle uses the same base as the Gladiator MkIII, That both vehicles use the same parts makes it easier to resupply units. I included the Nail launcher to provide it with some armor killing capablity and also an AnitAircraft capability. Nails come in both versions with no major changes to fire control. It's built to take on a Phyrus Support Sled and not need help. The 4cm gun does that nicely and the NAIL helps against bigger things.

Cohort Mk II APC

General Data

Tech Level: 9
Price: 2.852312 MCr
Size: ?? m3
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 175.985 /173.516

Engineering Data

Power Plant: TL-9 MHD Turbine producing 2.85MW with HBT poviding 15 tons of thrust and 0.3 Mw additional power
Maint: 44


Controls: Computer Linked
Computer: 1 flight computer
Avionics: TL-9 Avionics with Terrain Following Sensors.
Commo: 300km radio, 30km Maser
Sensors: 30km Radar, 30km HRT, image instensifer scopes
ECM/ECCM: 2 decoy dispensers with 5 decoys each.
Life Support Light, heat, basic life support, airlock.
Cargo: 800 kg
Crew: 3( Driver, Gunner, Commander)
Passengers: 8 in adequete seating. The Chort has a small cargo hatch to allow egress.


Offensive 4cm ETC autocannon, 7.5mm MMG, NAIL Laucher
Defensive: None
Ammo: 500rds of 4cm, 1000 rds. of 7.5mm, 4 NAIL Missile im Magazine
Fire Control: Laser range finder, ballistic computer, 10km laser designator, Point Defence System.
Stablization: Advanced stabilization (fire at any speed) on both weapons.

4cm ETC Autocannon
Ammo Type ROF Damage Pen Range
HE 10 C:3 B:13 Nil 350
HEAP 10 C:2 B:10 41C 350
WP 10 C:2 B:8 Nil 350
flechette 10 B:70 Nil 350
APFSDSDU 10 D:9 28/18/8/Nil 470
SEFOP 10 C:2 B:10 41C 470

7.5mm MMG
Type ROF Damage Pen Range
Ball 3/5 7 2-3-4 300
DS 3/5 7 1-2-3 300
HE-11 3/5 7 Nil 300
HEAP-11 3/5 7 2-2-2 300


Max Speed: 253 kph / 130kph NOE
Travel Move: 760
Combat Move: 35 / 18 NOE
Endurance: 6.5 hours (1670 kliters per hour)
Fuel Capacity: 11000 kliters


Config: Small Turret
Suspension: Grav
TF: 90 HF: 90
TS: 90 HS: 90
TR: 42 HR: 42
Deck: 42 Belly:56

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