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Cerebus Multiple Rocket Launcher

design by Blakrider

Nebula Entry

The armored team of the Gladiator Tank and the Cohort APC work well but need support. The Cerebus Rocket Launcher is that support. It is based on the same chasis as the other two vehicles, making spare parts easier on logistics, and training as well. We hope the committee approves our designs for field testing soon.

Cerebus Multiple Rocket Launcher

General Data

Tech Level: 9
Price: 3.17613 MCr
Size: 112 m3
Mass (loaded/unloaded): 183.235 /175.485

Engineering Data

Power Plant: L-9 MHD turbine producing 2.85 MW with HBT providing 15 tons of thrust and .3 MW aditional power
Maint: 46


Controls: Computer linked
Computer: flight computer
Avionics: TL-9
Commo: 300km radio, 30km Maser
Sensors: 30km Radar, 30km HRT, image intensifer scopes
ECM/ECCM: 2 decoy dispenser with 5 decoys each
Life Support light, heat, basic life support , airlock
Cargo: 0.8 m3
Crew: 3 : Driver, Gunner, Commander
Passengers: None


Offensive 7.5mm MMG, 20cm MRLS in 8 tub launcher system
Defensive: None
Ammo: 1000rds. 7.5mm, 64 rockets 20cm
Fire Control: Laser range finder, TL-9 IDF sights, Ballistic Computer
Stabilization: Advanced Stablization

20cm RocketsROF Dam Pen Rtg S Range
HE 8 C:4 B:20 23C 94km
HEAP 8 C:3 B:17 233C 94km
WP 8 C:3 B:60 Nil 94km
Submunitions 8 B:100 94km
chemical 8 C:3 B:50 Nil 94km
RDM 8 B:200 Nil 94km
chaff 8 B:4900 Nil 94km


Max Speed:253 kph
Travel Move: 760
Combat Move: NOE 18 High 35
Endurance: 6.5 hours
Fuel Capacity: 10.855 m3


Config: Large Turret
Suspension: Grav
TF:90 HF: 90
TS: 90HS: 90
TR: 42 HR:42
Deck: 42Belly:56

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