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Brutus Tank

design by John M. Atkinson

Grav Tanks are typically heavily armed, moderate agile versions of normal tanks. They typically have a main gun in a turret. They are some of the main attack units in TL12+ cavalry units. They typically carry heavy armor. All else being equal, these vehicles can best any other Armored Fighting Vehicle they come up against. These are also typically expensive and hard to maintain, thus they are uncommon outside of veteran cavalry units.

The Brutus Heavy Grav Tank was created by the Ides of March mercenary unit. Its goal was to provide a low-tech grav tank that could go toe-to-toe with Imperial vehicles like the Trepida. The vehicle is fairly expensive, and requires a lot of maintenance. However, it does very well in its primary capacity as a grav tank hunter/killer. Its armor is as thick as a Trepida, and its main gun does more damage. It also has endurance for 28 hours of maneuver and 1 year worth of power. Thus, it can usually go a couple of days between refueling. It can operate off of hydrocarbons or water, they just increase the wear and tear on the engine.

The vehicle is a turretted vehicle, with a ETC main gun and a coaxial VRF gun in the turret, with a separate cupola containing another VRF gun. The coaxial VRF gun can't be used simultaneously with the main gun. It can attack both ground targets, or act as a point defense weapon when computer controlled. The crew layout is the traditional one for a turretted AFV--driver in the body and the gunner in the turret and commander in the cupolla.

Brutus Grav Tank

General Data

Tech Level: 12
Price: 6,887,431 Cr
Size: Very Small (140m3)
Mass: 424.342 T empty; 450.114 T loaded.

Engineering Data

Power: 20.00 MW Fusion Power Plant supplying power to high-efficiency contra-grav lifters and HEPlaR thruster generating 80 tonnes of thrust (11.41 MW excess power)
Maint: 90

Engineering Data

Controls: Dynamic-Linked, TL10+ Avionics, TL12 TF avionics, TL12 Flt computer, TL10+ IGS navigation.
Comunications: 3000 km radio, 3km maser.
Sensor: 3km active EMS, 30km passive EMS, 3000km passive EMS
ECCM: EMM, Four decoy dispensors with 20 decoys each.
Life Support: Extended Life Support, G-compensators.
Cargo: 877 kg (3.508 m3).
Crew: 3 (driver, commander,gunner)
Passengers: None.


Offensive: Turret mount with TL12 12cm ETC autocannon, and coaxial VRF guass gun. One cupola, with VRF guass gun.
Defensive: None
Ammo: 500 rounds 12cm (typically 400APFSDSSD, 100HE); 30,000 darts for each VRF gauss gun.
Fire Control: EMS Rangefinder, TL12 point defense ballistic computer on both weapons mounts, 600km laser designator.
Stabilization: Advanced

RoundROFDam valC-BPen ValShort Rng Ammo Price Ammo Weight
12cm APFSDSSD-12 SA326  545-535-525-505776m Cr1278.75 45.75kg
12cm HE-12 SA3 C:36 B:42 11C581m Cr378.75 45.75kg
4mm guass dart 507  2-2-2230m Cr.01 0.5 g


Speed: 420 kph maximum speed, 315 kph cruise speed, 160 kph safe NOE speed.
Travel Move: 1260 High 640 NOE
Combat Move: 58 High 22 NOE
Fuel Consumption: 1000 liters/hour (maneuver), 3000 liters/year (reactor).
Fuel Capacity: 24000 liters LHyd.
Endurance: 21 hours (maneuvering), 1 year (reactor).


Config: Large Turret
Suspension: Grav
TF: 258 HF: 258
TS: 129 HS:129
TR: 129 HR: 129
Deck: 129 Belly: 129

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