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Juggernaut Grav Tank

design by Blakrider

The Juggernaut is a cost effective and hard hitting grav tank. It is designed to use mostly TL-9 parts, making it easier to produce spare parts for and to maintain its low cost. This enables it to be mass produced in higher numbers. Its small volume of space can easily be shipped world to world. Its high rate of fire and 10cm gun enable it to inflict great damage and its high speed allows it to dominate the battle field. Its only draw backs are having to use a MHD turbine instead of a more efficient fusion power plant, and it only has enough fuel for 4 hours of operations. With its speed it can enter and exit combat quickly and refuel before the enemy has time to recover. The point defense system fixed to the 15mm HMG helps protect the tank as it moves through the battlefield

Juggernaut Grav Tank

General Data

Tech Level: 9/10
Price: 2.0223 MCr
Size: 84 m3
Mass (loaded/unloaded): 198.229 / 197.729

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 3.3MW MHD Turbine and Heplar drive system producing 42 tonne thrust
Maint: 40


Controls: Computer linked, T
Computer: TL-9 flight computer.
Avionics: L- flight avionics and terrian following avonics
Sensors: 30km radar, 30km HRT, 3WSV veiwers
ECM/ECCM: 2 decoy dispensers, 10 each
Life Support Basic Life Support, heat, light
Cargo: 0 m3
Crew: 3 (Driver, Gunner, Commander)
Passengers: 0


Offensive 10cm high velocity autocannon, 15mm HMG, 7.5mm MMG
Defensive: None
Ammo: 100x10cm rounds, 1000x15mm rds., 1000x7.5mm
Fire Control: Imaging radar ballistic computer, point defence system on the 15mm HMG
Stabilization: Advanced, fire at any speeds

Weapon ROF Dam Pen Rtg S Range
15mm Ball 3 16 2-2-2 300
15mm DS 3 16 1-1-1 300
15mm HE-10 3 17 Nil 300
15mm HEAP-10 3 17 2-2-2 300
10cm HE 4 C:25 B:35 8C 375m
10cm HEAP 4 C:17 B:30 113C 375m
10cm WP 4 C:3 B:30 Nil 375m
10cm APFSDSDU 4 D:22 154/144/134/104 500m
10cm APFSDSCI 4 D:22 202/192/183/162 500m
10cm SFOP 4 C:12 B:27 113C 500m
7.5mm ball 3/5 7 2-3-4 300m
7.5 mm DS 3/5 7 1-2-3 300m


Max Speed: 677 kph
Travel Move: 2032 NOE 780
Combat Move: 94 NOE 18
Endurance: 4 hours
Fuel Capacity: 2.7 m3


Config: Turret
Suspension: Grav
TF: 160HF: 160
TS: 120HS: 120
TR: 80HR: 80
Deck: 80 Belly: 80

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