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Quest Air Raft

design by Pete Grey

This design is based upon a vehicle in DGPs old 101 Vehicles. The Quest, or Quest Hunter, is a TL 10 air-raft design optimised for outback service. Manufactured by Ling Standard Products, thousands whiled away on backwater worlds as taxis, vip shuttles, and a few in their intended role.

The Quest has a good cargo capacity, decent speed, and is low maintenance, perfect for outback worlds, especially since the Collapse. Its also enclosed, perfect for bad weather flight and climate extremes.

Quest Air Raft

General Data

Tech Level: 10
Price: 2.8075 MCr
Size: 28 m3
Mass (unloaded): 22.95 tons

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 1.5 MW TL 10 Fusion Plant providing .4 mw to the CGLs. Heplar= 8 tons of thrust.
Maint: 1


Controls: Dynamimc Linked
Computer: 2xTL 10 Flt Computers
Avionics: TL 10 Avionics and Terraini Following, TL 10 IGS
Commo: 300 KM Radio, 300 KM Laser
Sensors: 30 KM PEMS, 2*WSV, Headlights, Searchlight
Life Support None
Cargo: 2.55 m3
Crew: 1 (Driver) in open crewstation.
Passengers: 4 in adequate seats.


Offensive None
Defensive: None
Ammo: None
Fire Control: None
Stabilization: None


Max Speed: 400 kph, 300 kph cruise, 140 kph NOE.
Travel Move: 1200/420
Combat Move: 56/19
Endurance: 20 hours
Fuel Capacity: 2.15 m3


Config: Standard
Suspension: Grav
TF: 2 HF: 2
TS: 2 HS: 2
TR: 2 HR: 2
Deck: 2 Belly: 2


Fuel Consumption: 0.1 m3/hr for 20 hours endurance. power plant fuel for one year.

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