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Resolve G-Carrier

design by Pete Grey

Yet another example of the Last Imperium's rather vague naming conventions, the Resolve G-Carrier was a very common sight on average stellar worlds. An IDP design manufactured by a consortium of companies, the Resolve was intended for light military roles, or as a police vehicle. Like many TL-12 grav vehicles, the Resolve is overpowered, and many variants were fitted with cargo slings or tow hooks to take advantage of excess thrust.

Never a major line combatant, because of its weak armor, thousands survived the Collapse, and fill the arsenals of many surviving worlds.

Resolve G-Carrier

General Data

Tech Level: 12
Price: 5.18215 MCr
Size: 140 m3
Mass (loaded/unloaded): 88.82 / 81.98 tons

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 18 MW TL-12 Fusion Reactor providing 2.0 MW to CGLs. Heplar Chamber providing 140 tons of thrust.
Maint: 5


Controls: Dynamic Linked
Computer: 2xTL 10 Flt Computers
Avionics: TL 10 Flight Avionics and Terraini Following. TL 10 IGS.
Commo: 3000 km radio, 3000 km maser.
Sensors: 30 km AEMS, 300 km PEMS, 3xWSV goggles.
ECM/ECCM: 4 Decoy Dispensors with 30 decoys each.
Life Support Heat, Light, Extended LS, Overpressure. Basic LS, grav compensation for 35 m3
Cargo: 14.037 m3
Crew: 2 (Commander/Gunner, Driver) in 2 open crewstations.
Passengers: 12 battle armored troops in adequate seats. Large Cargo Hatch allowing the debussing of 5 troops per round.


Offensive TL 12 16 MJ Plasma Cradle Gun in small remote turret.
Defensive: None
Ammo: 750 rnds of 13x39 cm rnds. in a magazine weighing 452.4 kg when empty.
Fire Control: EMS Range Finder , Point Defense Computer.
Stabilization: Advanced (no dif mods for movement).

Weapon ROF Dam Pen Rtg Pen ValC-B S Range
16 MJ Plasma Cradle Gun1/3 120 1-2-10 120-120-60-12 C:2 B:5400


Max Speed: 800 kph max, 600 kph cruise, 160 kph NOE.
Travel Move: 2400/960
Combat Move: 111/22
Endurance: 20 hours
Fuel Capacity: 35.3 m3


Config: Small Turret
Suspension: Grav
TF: 42 HF: 42
TS: 28 HS: 28
TR: 21 HR: 21
Deck:21 Belly: 14

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