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Energia Air Cushion Tank

design by Pete Grey

The Solomani military lacked much of the technological consistency of its enemies. Much of this was due to less centralised nature of the Confederacy, and the Solomani independence stereotype. The Solomani forces fielded a crazy-quilt mob of weapon systems and vehicles, which diluted their military advantages.

But when the Imperial Civil War broke out, the Solomani found themselves at a logistical disadvantage even against the less numerous Imperial Forces in Diaspora and Old Expanses. Long at a technical disadvantage in terms of contra-grav technology, too many of its TL 10 to 13 forces were still equipped with old fashioned track laying vehicles less able to survive in the fluid gravitic battlefield. Problems got worse as the war ground on, and what high-tech lift vehicles the Solomani had were increasingly knocked out or unserviceable, as the offensive push deteriorated into defensive attrition.

Taking a cue from its successful Scud class Recon ACV (from 101 Vehicles) the Solomani High Command decided to field a composite AFV, the Energia, utilising TL 10 materials, a TL 10 main gun, TL 9 electronics and fittings, and an unusual binary powerplant combining a HBT and Fission reactor/Ducted Fan arrangement for alternate sprint and cruise modes. This bizarre combination of TL 8-10 tech led to it's nickname by Solomani troops: "Lahirri's Bastard." (After an obscure officer in the Solomani Army's combat procurement office) Fielding a massive 12.8cm/70 ETC cannon, it was a serious threat even to TL 14 Trepida Tanks, and especially lethal to infantry and light AFVs."

Energia Air Cushion Tank

General Data

Tech Level: 8/9/10
Price: 8/9/10 MCr
Size: 70 m3
Mass (loaded/unloaded): 117.776 Tons Empty

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 4.5 MW Fission Plant Providing 3 MW to Ducted Fan Lifters (DFL=3 Tons). High Bypass Turbofan providing 10.5 tons of thrust.
Maint: 30


Controls: Computer Linked. TL 9 Satellite Positioning.
Computer: TL 9 Flt Computer.
Avionics: Tl-9 NOE
Commo: 300 km Radio, 300 km Laser
Sensors: 300 m HRT, Imaging Radar, 2 x IE Scopes
Life Support Heat, Light, Basic LS
Cargo: 0.216 m3
Crew: 2 (Commander/Gunner, Driver)
Passengers: 0


Offensive Turret Mounted TL10 12.8cm/70 ETC Autocannon. 1 m3 provided for secondary weapon(s).
Defensive: None
Ammo: 82 Rnds of 12.8 cm ammo, of any mix.
Fire Control: Imaging Radar, TL 10 Ballistic Computer
Stabilization: Advanced. -2 Dif Mods

12.8cm/70 ETC Autocannon
Ammo ROF Conc/Brst Dam Pen SR
APFSDSCI 3 --- 28 563-553-543-523 750
APFSDSDU 3 --- 28 380-370-360-340 750
APFSDS 3 --- 28 306-296-286-266 750
HE 3 C:29 B:35 2d6/1d6 12c 560
HEAP 3 C:19 B:15 2d6/1d6 147c 560
APERS 3 25*110 2d6/1d6 1-nil 560


Max Speed: (HBT) 263kph max, 198kph cruise. (DFL) 90KPH max, 67kph cruise.kph
Travel Move:
Combat Move:
Endurance: Fuel consumption is 1.05 m3 per hour for HBT, giving three hours endurance (+ 2.9 hours from tanks). Fission Reactor has 1 year of fuel.
Fuel Capacity: 3.6 m3 (+3 m3 for drop tanks.)


Config: Turret
Suspension: AC
TF: 192 HF: 192
TS: 40 HS: 40
TR: 32 HR: 32
Deck: 24 Belly: 24


Has two plumbed inboard hardpoints for 1500 liters of fuel or munitions. Decoys are either fitted to hardpoints, or use up cargo or ammo space.

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