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Keepers of Order

design by Lewis Roberts

On the planet Coaise, the Westlord and Eastlord use the Keepers of Order to control the masses. The people of Coaise are unaware of the true nature of the Lords or of the Keepers.

The Keepers of Order are humanoid shaped robots. They constantly wear thick hooded robes and rap their faces in gauze. This is to disguise their true nature to the masses. Without their clothing they are quite apparent as robots, looking like animated maniqueins. Before the Collapse, the Keepers were starport loading robots, but they were coopted by the Westlord and the Eastlord. The concealed submachine gun is a new addition and the weapon is of local manufacture. The weapon stabilization gear was ripped out of various TL-15 vehicles.

General Data

Combat Move: 10m/turn
Endurance: 12 hrs
Inititive: 3
Intelligence: 3
Command Function: Low Auto
Armor: 3 (All locations)
Damage Capacity: 20+20
Armament: Tl-5 9mm SMG concealed in stomach.

ROF:5Dam:2 Pen:1-Nil Mag:30 Recoil SS-1 Brst:3 Rng:48
Weapon is fully stabilized and can be fired with at any speed.
Note:Only two brsts can be fired or the robot will tip over.

Electronics: Visual Spectrum Eye,Audio Detector
Travel Move: 100kph/4hrs
Cargo: 25kg
Mass: 563kg
TL: 15
Price: 184,600 Cr
Fuel Type: Electricity
Mnt: 1

ArmLift HitUmd Wpn
Left/Right 500kg 63 -

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