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design by Nick Bradbeer

Super Nova Remnant from SN1987a

Nebula Award Winner

The Firedrake is a heavy fire support robot designed to operate in tandem with lighter scout/hunter bots, like the Hummingbird. It resembles a small armoured personnel carrier - a blocky tracked vehicle with vertical sides and rear and a slightly sloped front. Three blocky structures sit atop the roof - a pair of Swordfish Heavy Tac Missile tubes on the left, a reloading crane in the centre and the firing tube for a magazine-fed Flying Fish Launcher on the right. In front of the arm rises the comms/sensor cluster, a resembling an upturned cereal bowl on a stick.

Firedrakes have relatively low powered brains, since all they are required to do is find firing positions, stay low and loose off missiles on command. They are quite capable of self-reloading, and usually operate around small stockpiles of spare missiles.

When a fire mission is requested by a scout (human or robot) the Firedrake calculates an approximate target position and launches a missile out towards the target's location. When the missile's laser-spot-tracker picks up the designation point the Firedrake releases command funtion and allows the missile to home by itself.

For self defence, the Firedrake is armed with a pair of rapid-fire lasers, mounted on the loading crane to allow aiming. It is intended that these should not be used. In extemis the Firedrake can guide its own missiles, usually opting for a high angle loft-and-drop shot for short range self defence.

General Data

Tech Level: 14
Price: 0.66 MCr
Size: 4 m3
Mass: 7.139 tonnes

Engineering Data

Power Plant: .75 MW Fusion Power Plant 360 days LHyd Fuel (73 litres)
Transmission: Tracked
Suspension: Tracked
Maint: 2


Brain: TL-13b
Logic: High Autonomous
Command: Full
Intelligence: 4
Computer: None other than Robot brain
Avionics: None
Commo: 2 x 300km maser, 2 x 300km laser control links / designators, 1 x 300km radio.
Sensors: 1 x Image Enhancing Eye, 2 x Visible Spectrum Eye, 1 x Passive IR Eye, 1 x Audio Sensor, 1 x Amplied Ear, 1 x IR Motion Detector, 1 x Radiation Sensor.
Cargo: None
Peripherals: 1 Reloading Crane, Video Display, Voder/Speaker, Master RCV Controller System, Strobe Light, and Siren.

ArmVolumeAGLSTRLiftHitUMDWeapon AMD
Reloading Crane40 liters 5 201000 kg 1110 --


Offensive 1 x 2-Pack Swordfish Launcher, 1 x 12-Pack Flying Fish Launcher, 2 x 8.1cm DEI Rapid Fire Lasers.
The Flying Fish Tactical Missile is a TL-9 400kg EAPLac Rocket with 8kg of fuel. It uses a 18cm SEFOP warhead and is capable of Mach 3.
The Swordfish Heavy Tactical Missile is a TL-9 600 kg EAPLac rocket with 37 kg of fuel. It uses a 30-cm HEAP warhead and is capable fo Mach 2.
Defensive: None

Weapon GuidanceMass PriceConc-Burst Pen Val Max Rng M/turn
Flying Fish M,LC,LD45 kg 1286 Cr C;32 B:80209C30.4 km 940
Swordfish M,LC,LD 240 kg3664 CrC:119 B:110353C68.4 km680
M=Manual Guidance, LC=Laser Command and LD=Laser Designated.

WeaponROF DamDice Pen Val Magaz S Range
8.1-cm Laser RifleAuto-3 8-4-2-1Nil - 260m


Travel Move: 105/85 kph
Combat Move: 25
Endurance: 360 days


Front: 60
Side: 40
Rear: 40
Deck: 40
Belly: 40

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