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Omicron Attack Sled

design by Lewis Roberts

Nebula Entry

The Omicron Attack Sleds are operated by the Silent Order. This is a mysterious organization operating from the Black Curtain. It hires out Mercenary Armies of robots of several different designs. It will hire out to Vampire worlds or to worlds that have allied themselves Vampire forces. They do not accept Imperial credits, which have even less value behind the Black Curtain than they do in the rest of the former Imperium. Instead they trade for raw materials, finished goods, relic equipment, or slaves. All of these goods are taken behind the Black Curtain for unknown purposes. Each of the Omicron Attack Sleds is infected with a virus strain. Most of the Silent Order robots are show evidence of Hostility or Superiority personality types. The Silent Order was recently contacted by Census and Finance of the Sentient Council to provide forces to fight against the offworld Badlife which has recently begun supplying arms to the local Badlife. The Silent Order has agreed to provide 13 Omicron Attack Sleds and a supply of fusion rounds and anti-tank missiles. This should provide a impressive force which will allow the Sentient Council to eliminate the threat to Promise.

The Omicron Attack Sled was designed and built inside of the Black Curtain. It was designed as a fast hard hitting attack craft. It has 4 centimeters of Bonded Super Dense hull, radically sloped in the front and rear to improve the armour's efficency. It's main armament is twin fusion guns; one mounted on either side of the hull in small turrets. For use against lightly armored targets, it is equipped with twin grenade launchers. These are mounted in two turrets at the rear of the sled. These launchers fire the standard 4-cm RAM grenades found throughout the wreckage of the former Imperium. A variety of grenade types ranging from nerve gas, tranq gas, fletchette, HEAP etc, can be carried depending on the mission and target. The fusion gun was designed to take out lightly armored opponents; if faced with heavily armored targets such as battle tanks, the Omicron is equipped with four TL-13 laser designated anti-tank missiles. If these prove ineffective, the high speed of the Omicron should allow it to flee to saftey while heavier units are called into action.

The Omicron has a wide range of sensors that should allow it to seek out and find Badlife targets. Its flight computer is a fiber optic model to protect against EMP damage from PAWS and nuclear weapons. It also is programmed with high skills levels that assist in its missions. It doesn't have skill with the automatic grenade launcher, so the grenade launcher is used against massed enemies, where if a grenade goes off it will still most likely hit a target. Single enemies are targeted by the fusion guns. The Omicron it primarily designed as a hunter/killer of moderately armoured targets, but it is suitable for other missions. It can be used as a scout or patrol craft, or to capture organic lifeforms with gas grenades.

While the Omicron is larger than the average security-bot, this gives it several advantages. It uses the larger of the two TL-13 brains. While this brain is less intelligent, it is far cheaper. For instance a H9 Heavy Combat Robot (from Vampire Fleets pg 83) costs 2.64 MCr of which the brain accounts for 1.91 MCr. The Omicron's greater size also allows it to carry larger weapons and heavier armor for only a modest increase in price over a H9. Its greater size does increase the possibility of detection, but EMM and decoys help counter this. The Omicron has a 1.6m3 cargo bay; this is useful for carrying other robots into battle, returning captives to base or ferrying supplies to units in the field. The Omicron is truly massive, but 60 tonnes come from the 4 cm thick armour plating it carries. The purchase price of the Omicron includes a full load of ammunition and fuel.

Costs: 14 Omicron Attack Sleds = 47.6 MCr
400 Anti-Tank Missiles = 0.328 MCr
42333 Fusion Rounds = 1.015992 Mcr
4000 HE TL-9 RAM Gren.
4000 HEAP TL-9 RAM Gren.
2000 APERS TL-9 RAM Gren.
2000 CHEM TL-9 RAM Gren. = 1.056 MCr
Total = 50MCr

Omicron Attack Sled

General Data

Tech Level: 14
Price: 3.4 MCr
Size: 42 m3
Mass: 63.78 tonnes

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 0.75 MW Fusion power plant. Fuel supply is 0.025m3 which last 1 year.
Transmission: 2.8 Tones of thrust from a Heplar system (0.14 MW). 3.5m3 of Lhd for Heplar. Fuel consumption is 0.035m3/hour.
Suspension: High Efficiency CG (0.3 MW) with a supersonic hull.
Maint: 11


Brain: TL-13b
Logic: Full
Command: High Autonomous
Intelligence: 4
Computer: 1xTL-14 Fiber-optic Flight computer
Avionics: TL-10+ Flight Avionics, Holocontrols manual Controls for Robotic Brain. 180kph NOE.
Commo: 300km Laser Communicator, 300km Radio.
Sensors: 300km PEMS, 25m NAS.
ECM/ECCM: EMM and 10 decoys whatever type the user desires.
Cargo: 1.6 m3
Peripherals: AIR (Adv InfraRed) Searchlight (0.15km range), Visible Light Searchlight (0.25km range), Ultrasonic Motion Detector, Tacticle Sensor over entire hull, Data Socket, Siren and Flashing lights, Speaker, Color Enhanced Eye. (CE Eyes allow the detection of Camoflauge. FFS), Amplified Ear, Recorder Ear and Eye, 2 Arms: Volume-200 litres AGL-8 Str-20 Lift-1000Kg Hit-12 UMD-16

ArmVolumeAGLSTRLiftHitUMDWeapon AMD
Arm 200 liters8201000kg1216--


Offensive 2x 3MJ Fusion Gun. 2x 4-cm Automatic RAM Grenade Launchers, 1 tube with 4 Tl-13 Laser Designated Tac Missiles. (RCEG pg 108)
Defensive: None
Fire Control: EMS Rangefinder on all weapons. Each Fusion gun has a TL-14 Ballistic Computer which allows 5 DMs to be ignored. Each Grenade launcher has indirect fire sights. All weapons have advanced stablization which alls fire at all speeds.

WeaponROF Dam Val Pen ValConc-Burst Magaz S Range
2x3 Mj Fusion Gun1 5252-52-26-5C:3 B:5 500 260m

WeaponROF MagazIndirect RangeDirect Range
2x4-cm Auto GL 5 100 3600m240m


Travel Move:2940 in air/720 NOE
Combat Move: 25
Endurance: 100 hours


Front: 224
Side: 112
Rear: 224
Deck: 112
Belly: 112

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