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ABC Warrior

design by Antti Lahtinen

Nebula Entry

ABC Warriors (Atomic/Biological/Chemical) are an old type of Solomani warbots designed to be used in situations which are too hazardous for human troopres. While the first ABCs were build during the Rule of Man, some of them just refuse to die of old age. These warbots come on several configurations, but are generally shaped as a large human, and can use the same equipment as humans.

An ABC Warrior is about three times heavier than a human of same size. The light tentacle which contain laser cutter and power interface is normally retracted within the robot's chest.

The photovoltage cell will require 290 hours of 1 kW/m2 radiation to completely recharge the battery. In Terra this would take ~24 days. Because of this solar-charging, an abandoned ABC Warrior might be functional centuries after the war has ended. ABSs may carry folding photovoltage cells or generators for field recharging.

Program interface allows robots to swap skill programs (40 memory units available). Since the tentacle allows fine manipulation, an ABC Warrior may also have various non-combat skill programs, including engineering, electronics, mechanics, intrusion, etc. With suitable skill, and ABC Warrior may repair itself or another robot.

For 151,900 Cr additional price the brain can be replaced with advanced model with more synaptic processors (INT 5) and self-learning synaptic memory (EDU 4, can learn up to EDU 8). The advanced brain usually includes Emotion Simulation, and the self-learning memory allows the robot to develop personality. ("Lara succeeded. I finally felt a real emotion. It was 'hate'.")

According to VF, the robot brain consumes 1 kW power, which is quite ridiculois amouont. More reasonable value for this 18-processor brain would be 180 W or less.

All major joints are covered with ballistic cloth to keep them free of dirt. Some robots may wear additional replaceable protection over smaller joints to prevent dust wear and increase maintenance intervals. Because of this, a group of ABC Warriors may appear to be a mixed group of individually equipped robots vearing bits of human uniforms.

This design was built with a mix of Book 8: Robots and Vampire Fleet rules.

ABC Warriors

General Data

Tech Level: 12
Price: 0.224116 MCr
Size: 0.2 m3
Mass: 0.6 tonnes

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 10 kWh battery, Photovoltage cell (produces 0.38 kW in 1 kW/m2 radiation), Power interface (recharge form any source)
Transmission: Non-grav improved walker (20 kW)
Suspension: Two Legs
Maint: 0.06 (annual maintenance time is 3 hours and 8 minutes)


Brain: Processors: Linear 7, Paraller 5, Synaptic 1, Memory: Standard 40, Synaptic 0 (Built using Book 8 rules)
Logic: Low Autonomous
Command: Full Command
Intelligence: 4 (EDU 4)
Assets: any 4 skills, up to level 14. Usual mix is Infantry Combat Skill, Recon, Close Combat and Weapon Handling.
Computer: None
Avionics: None
Commo: Radio (3 km; 0.1 kW)
Sensors: PEMS (3 km; 1 kW), Fingertip touch sensor
ECM/ECCM: EM Masking (0.2 kW)
Peripherals: Voder, Laser cutter (on light tentacle). 2 heavy arms (STR 9, AGL 3, lifts 450 kg each), 1 light tentacle (STR 2, AGL 9, lifts 85 kg)


Offensive Anything carried in hands
Defensive: Anything carried in hands
Stablization: None


Travel Move: 11.8 m/s (42.4 km/h) unencumbraced, 6 m/s while carrying 985 kg.
Combat Move:
Endurance: days


Head: 20
Chest: 20
Abdomen: 20
Arms: 20
Legs: 20
Damage capacity: 4+4
Suspension Damage Resistance: 1

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