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Subedei Defense Robot

design by Jon Goff

Nebula Entry

Subedei was one of the most famous generals of the Mongolian army from Terra's Middle Ages. Known for his ferocity, and his rapid assaults, his name remains in our records to this day. The Subedei class defense robot is well suited to the needs of the Council.

Though its manufacture level is TL-14, all of its consumables are produced at the local tech level of TL-9. Also, this robot is very cheap, costing only Cr 366,230 when fully loaded. It carries a mix of weapons meant mostly to deal powered armor troops, light vehicles, and other lightly armored targets. However, its weaponry is quite versatile.

Starting off the mix are two Arrow-20 missle pods. Each holds a rack of twenty 2cm HEAP missles, and there are 4 reloads for each tube. The total number of missles is 200. These missles are light, massing only 90 grams, and only cost Cr1.22 each. These features allow for them to be produced cheaply by the hundreds of thousands. And their lack of complex guidance systems, or high tech materials means that they can be produced by the locals. They have a short range of 200m, with a maximum effective range of 800m. These can be fired one at a time, as a salvo, or in rapid succesion. They pack enough punch to defeat most powered armor, and can even damage light vehicles, aircraft, and civilian spacecraft. When fired in salvo mode, these are also very good for damaging buildings and firing postions.

The other set of weapons rounding out this robot's arsenal are two 11.25mm Thompson Automatic Shotguns. The domesticated badlife have taken to calling them "45's", but the allusion is lost on us. Anyhow, these are very effective anti-personel weapons. Both have 200 round magazines, and are capable of sustained firing for over a minute at their maximum fire rate. Depending on the mission, these smoothbore rifles can fire either slug munitions, shotgun munitions, discarding sabot munitions, or high explosive munitions. The discarding sabot rounds are mostly used for long range firing. The HE rounds pack a good punch, as does the buckshot. Slug munitions are almost never used. These weapons come standard with flash suppressor, and a full silencer.

The robot also comes with an ElectroMagnetic Masking suite, and WSV goggles. The WSV goggles allow for night operations, while the EMM allows the vehicle to stealthily attack the badlife. This works especially well with the silenced guns, but having 40 rockets flying at you wouldn't be that great either....Not to mention its top speed of 50kph, which is very fast for a legged vehicle.

The one major drawback of this design is its power source. The main design calls for a fuel cell, however the fuel cell and fuel can be replaced with a battery, of equal performance, however this would slow the vehicle down. The solution to this is quite simple. The robot will mostly be travelling at only 10kph. That will allow for almost 10 hours of use. Communication with breeds and other goodlife is done via radio.

The robots appear as 2 meters tall, stocky build humanoids

Subedei Defense Robot

General Data

Tech Level: 14/9
Price: 366,230 Cr
Size: 0.250 m3
Mass: 0.6698 / 0.6232 tonnes

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 45kW fuel cell fueled by HGHCD or LHyd
Transmission: TL-10+ Walker
Suspension: Legged
Maint: 1


Brain: TL-12a
Logic: Full
Command: Low Autonomous
Intelligence: 3
Computer: None
Avionics: None
Commo: 30 km radio
Sensors: Visual Spectrum Eye, Wide Spectrum Visual Goggles
Cargo: None
Peripherals: None

ArmVolumeAGLSTRLiftHitUMDWeapon AMD
Arms 7.5 5 4 188* kg 8 2 - -
* Each arm normally carries a 8 kg weapon, so this subtracts from the available lifting capacity.


Offensive: 2x Arrow-20 rocket pods, 2x Thompson Automatic Shotguns
Ammo: 200 HEAP rockets, 400rnds Thompson
Defensive: None
Stablization: Advanced: fire at any speed.

Ammo ROF Dam Pen Mag SS Brst SR
11.25x30mmC Slug 3 2 3-4-5 200 1 1 90
11.25x30mmC DS 3 2 1-2-Nil 200 1 1 110
11.25x30mmC HE 3 4 Nil 200 1 1 69
11.25x30mmC Buckshot 3 6 Nil 200 1 1 33
Buckshot at Medium Range 3 8*1 nil 200 1 1

Weapon Damage Pen ValShort RangePrice
2cm HEAP C:1 B:15 11C 200 1.22 Cr


Travel Move: 110
Combat Move: 25
Endurance: 2.2hrs (9.7hrs at 10kph)


Head: 56
Chest: 56
Abdomen: 56
Arms: 56
Legs: 56

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