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Ogedei Nuclear Grenade Platform

design by Jon Goff

Nebula Entry

Ogodei was also a famous general in the army of Ghengis Khan. This robot is named after him.

This weapon is based upon the chassis of the Subedei, however, it has a few major differences. First, it dispenses with both rocket pods, and one shotgun, instead carrying a 9cm nuclear grenade launcher.

It had to happen eventually didn't it? Anyhow, this is the ultimate close-support robot. Its nuclear grenade launcher only needs to get within 50 meters to destroy any enemy target, wether it is a bunker, or a battlecruiser. The radiation causes a mess, but that can be cleaned up once the badlife is driven home. One drawback is that it only has 13 rounds, and they have to be resupplied out of what little TL-14 supplies we have left. Also, when not on patrol, the nukes need to be moved to a damper box for long term storage.

The robots appear as 2 meters tall, stocky build humanoids

Ogodei Nuclear Grenade Platform

General Data

Tech Level: 14/9
Price: 378,455 Cr
Size: 0.250 m3
Mass: 0.729 / 0.6204 tonnes

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 45kW fuel cell
Transmission: TL-10+ Walker
Suspension: Legged
Maint: 1


Brain: TL-12a
Logic: Full
Command: Low Autonomous
Intelligence: 3
Computer: None
Avionics: None
Commo: 30km radio
Sensors: Visual Spectrum Eye, Wide Spectrum Visual Goggles
Cargo: None
Peripherals: None

ArmVolumeAGLSTRLiftHitUMDWeapon AMD
Arms 7.5 5 4188 kg * 8 2 - -
* Each arm normally carries a 8 kg weapon, so this subtracts from the available lifting capacity.


Offensive: 9cm Nuclear Grenade Launcher, Thompson Automatic Shotgun
Ammo: 13 x 9cm 0.1kT warheads, 200rnds Thompson
Defensive: None
Ammo ROF Dam Pen Mag SS Brst SR
11.25x30mmC Slug 3 2 3-4-5 200 1 1 90
11.25x30mmC DS 3 2 1-2-Nil 200 1 1 110
11.25x30mmC HE 3 4 Nil 200 1 1 69
11.25x30mmC Buckshot 3 6 Nil 200 1 1 33
Buckshot at Medium Range 3 8*1 nil 200 1 1

WeaponROF MagazIndirect RangeDirect Range
9-cm Daikyu Grenade Launcher SA1 13 150900

Yield Crater (m) Induced (m)Destruction Primary SecondaryPrice
0.1 kiloton 25 30 30/50 100/150 200/3001000 Cr


Travel Move: 110
Combat Move: 25
Endurance: 2.25hrs (9.7hrs at 10kph)


Head: 56
Chest: 56
Abdomen: 56
Arms: 56
Legs: 56

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