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Temujin Command Robot

design by Jon Goff

Nebula Entry

Temujin was the name of the Great Khan himself. His armies, and their descendents came close to completely conquering the known world before he died. It is only fitting that the last robot would share his name.

This robot is also based on the Subedei chassis, except it has replaced the two Arrow-20 pods with one Holly six-pack, and has swapped out the arm mounted auto shotguns for a "gyroslug launcher" mounted in the right arm. The gyroslug is a rocket propelled kinetic energy weapon. Basically, there is a 1.5kg APFSDSBSD round propelled to 3333m/s by an EAPlaC booster.... The one disadvantage is that it has no special targetting control (the robot is too tiny to fit any in), so it is fired as though it were merely an unguided rocket (albeit a freakin fast one).

And here is the task force breakdown:

10xSquads each with:

That will leave about MCr5 left over for keeping them supplied. It could also be used to arm domesticated badlife (except breeds would cost extra, so these would just be mercenaries). Most of the weapons could be made for humans, and most of them aren't that expensive.

Temujin Command Robot

General Data

Tech Level: 14/9
Price: 511,668 Cr
Size: 0.25 m3
Mass: 0.6698 / 0.6232 tonnes

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 45kW fuel cell fueled by HGHCD or LHyd
Transmission: TL-10+ Walker
Suspension: Legged
Maint: 1


Brain: TL-13a
Logic: Full
Command: High Autonomous
Intelligence: 4
Computer: None
Avionics: None
Commo: 30 km Radio
Sensors: Visual Spectrum Eye, Wide Spectrum Visual Goggles.
Cargo: None
Peripherals: Vodor/Speaker

ArmVolumeAGLSTRLiftHitUMDWeapon AMD
Arms 7.5 5 4 188 kg * 8 2 - -
* The right arm normally carries a 40 kg weapon, which subtracts from the available lifting capacity.


Offensive: 1xHolly six-pack, 1xEvicerator 5cm gyroslug rifle
Ammo: 60 HEAP rockets, 10 gyroslugs
Defensive: None
Stablization: Advanced

Weapon Damage Pen ValShort RangePrice
Holly Six Pack C:1 B:15 Pen:11C 200 1.22 Cr

Weapon ROF DamagePenetrationShort RangePrice
5cm Gyroslug SA1 C:11 Pen:297 200 67.5 Cr


Travel Move: 110
Combat Move: 25
Endurance: 2.2hrs (9.7hrs at 10kph)


Head: 56
Chest: 56
Abdomen: 56
Arms: 56
Legs: 56

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