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Centurion Combat Robot

design by Derek Stanley

Nebula Entry

Built with the same "fierce face" design philosophy the KZ-CNT-2100 Centurion Combat Robot incorporates many of the basic design ideas as it's sister design, the Hunter. The Centurion's origin is equally as enigmatic as the Hunter, but it possess a far more mechanical look than it's smaller cousin.

With a polished chrome BSD (bonded superdense) combat chassis, four legs and unusual wide open upper hull the Centurion cuts an impressive swath through any landscape but is particularly fearsome amidst the ruined cities of the former Imperium. It's wide stance provides the robot with superior stability and allows the recoil from it's twin RF fusion guns to be effectively transfered to the ground with minimal impact on the Centurion's combat effectiveness.

Centurion's seem to operate in well organized packs of three to four. Their attacks and manouvers are always well co-ordinated, timed and executed utilizing sophisticated patterns and manouvers which result in both minimal exposure and maximum effect.

Though their Contra-Grav units were installed for the sole purpose of transport most Centurions have discovered an unexpected bonus with these units. By activating their CG systems a Centurion is capable of leaping more than sixty meters in any direction. This gives the robot unprecidented mobility and freedom and allows them to leap over small structures and obsticles and come crashing to the ground on the other side. They have further perfected this manouver by disengaging the CG units several meters before impact allowing them to create more destruction and noise when they land.

Because of their incredibly long endurance, four years, most Virally infected Centurions have particularly well developed personallities.

Centurion Combat Robot

General Data

Tech Level: 15
Price: 1.775145 MCr
Size: 14 m3
Mass: 27.3409 tonnes (0.273 w/ ContraGrav engaged)

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 4.0 MW Fusion plant
Transmission: TL 10+ Walker
Suspension: Legged
Maint: 5


Brain: TL-13a
Logic: Full
Command: High Autonomous
Intelligence: 4
Computer: None
Avionics: None
Commo: 300km Radio
Sensors: Ultrasonic MD, IR MD,Image Enhanced Eyes, Amplified Ears.
Cargo: None
Peripherals: Voder, x2 Strobes, x2 Spotlights, High Eff. Contra Grav.

ArmVolumeAGLSTRLiftHitUMDWeapon AMD
Neck 5 liters9125kg131- -


Offensive: 2 x RF Fusion Canons, 2 x Coaxial DEI Lasers
Defensive: None
Stablization: Advanced Stabelization, TL-14 Ballistic Computer (-5 Diff mods)

Weapon ROF Dam Pen BulkAmmo Short Range
Fusion Cannons3 15 1-2-10 2 2000 75
Laser Cannons 5 (var) Nil 8 1000 300

Laser Damage
Short Medium Long Extreme
SA 5 27 27 23 11
3x5 16 1610 3
5x5 12 12 8 2
10x5 9 9 5 1
0x5 4 4 2 1


Travel Move: 193
Combat Move: 45
Endurance: 4 years


Head: 50
Chest: 50
Abdomen: 50
Arms: 50
Legs: 50

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