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Hunter Attack Robot

design by Derek Stanley

Nebula Entry

No one is entirely sure where the Hunter design came from but it is one of a series of "fierce face" virally infected robots found through out the rimward regions of the old Imperium. Standing nearly two meters tall with a purposely designed human frame constructed entirely of a chrome Bonded SD alloy the Hunter is designed to instil fear in the human populace on the worlds it is deployed on. With bipedal locomotion and an exceptionally small combat chassis the Hunter is more than capable of rooting out resistance pockets in places most robots are entirely unable of getting into.

The Hunter possess an exceptionally sophisticate 13b robot brain accounting for more than half of the robot production value but given the small size of the machine in comparison to most combat robots the larger 13a brain was simply out of the question. With a sophisticated sensor suite, powerful upper body for it's size and integral weapons link the Hunter is a fearsome opponent on the battle field no matter who's side it is fighting on.

Due to the Hunter's incredible Endurance, twenty-five years, most Virally infected Hunters have extremely well developed personalities which when combined with their unusual linguistic abilities and even more unusual Trauma Aid have combined to develop a sentience which is particularly stable.

Rumours persist regarding the existence of an elite unit of Hunters with Looking Glass surface modification. Rumours also persist about the existence of Hunter wrapped in a biological skin allowing them to pass virtually undetected through human populations. This rumour can neither be confirmed nor denied.

It is suspected that the Hunter's can reprogram themselves virtually instantaneously. This would indicate that they have remote access to some kind of larger database of knowledge which they simply tap into when it becomes necessary.

Most Hunter's displace an incredible amount of contempt for their prey whom they track relentlessly. Oddly enough Hunters have been observed tracking and destroying other robots on a number or worlds. Hunters usually operate in teams of three to four and are particularly familiar with old Imperial tactic's and doctrine.

Hunter Attack Robot

General Data

Tech Level: 15
Price: 2.243495 MCr
Size: 0.5 m3
Mass: 0.89 tonnes, 0.089 tonnes with Contragrav engaged.

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 0.6 MW Fusion
Transmission: TL10+ Walker
Suspension: Legged
Maint: 1


Brain: TL13b
Logic: High Autonomous
Command: Full
Intelligence: 6
Computer: None
Avionics: None
Commo: 30km radio.
Sensors: Ultrasonic MD, WSV Eyes (+2 obs) 0.4km, Amplified Ear.
Cargo: None
Peripherals: Data link, Voder, Range Finder, Audio Recorder, 30km radio, EMM, High Eff CG.

ArmVolumeAGLSTRLiftHitUMDWeapon AMD
Left/Right Arms10 liters 64200kg122 - -


Offensive: Variable, it can use any human scale weaponry.
Defensive: None
Stablization: None


Travel Move: 170
Combat Move: 40
Endurance: 25 years


Head: 14
Chest: 14
Abdomen: 14
Arms: 14
Legs: 14

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