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Hell Hound Security Bot

design by Lewis Roberts

The Hell Hound was an Imperial-era design for a security robot. The Hell Hound was shaped in the form of a large predator animal. The surface of the robot was contoured and had an organic shape to it. Normally Hell Hounds were a dark gun metal color, but the factory would color the robots other colors for a small additional fee. The Hell Hound was outfitted with a large suite of sensors enabling it to detect intruders. These include high-resolution thermal eyes with a range of 300 meters through all atmospheric conditions other than snow or rain, where it was only 150 meters. It also has sonar ears, high and low frequency ears and a ultrasonic motion detector. These senses allow the Hell Hound to detect intruders in almost all conditions. The Hell Hound can keep in touch with its home base and other units via a short range radio. The Hell Hound also has recording ears and eyes, so that a full record of its actions is kept. This is useful for legal prosecutions. There have been some cases where unscrupulous individuals have used Hell Hound units to hunt down individuals and broadcast the hunt live to spectators as entertainment.

Unlike many security robots, the Hell Hound is not armed with a firearm, but rather powerful jaws. These jaws will not do much versus armored opponents, but the Hell Hound was not intended as a warbot, mearly as a sophisticated guard. If the Hell Hound encounter's armored individuals, it can contact either its owner or the police, depending on the owner's wishes. Its high armor value, should allow it to survive long enough for the police to arrive. In the mean time it can keep the police up to date on the intruder's whereabouts and actions.

Hell Hound Security Bot

General Data

Tech Level: 15
Price: 0.9 MCr
Size: 0.5 m3
Mass: 0.773 tonnes

Engineering Data

Power Plant:0.6 MW Fusion Power Plant w/ 16 liters of Liquid hydrogen fuel.
Transmission: Walker
Suspension: Walker
Maint: 1


Brain: TL 12a
Logic: Low Autonomus
Command: Full
Intelligence: 3
Computer: None
Avionics: None
Commo: 3km radio
Sensors:2 HRT Eyes, 1 Recorder Eye, 2 Eyeball Display, 1 Recorder Ears, 2 Sonar Ears, 2 Low Freqency Ears, 2 High Frequency Ears, Ultrasonic Motion Detector, & Taste Sensor
ECM/ECCM: EM Masking
Cargo: None 0
Peripherals: Jaws of Death (From Fire Fusion and Steel Cybernetics Chapter)


Offensive: Jaws of Death: 2d6 Melee Damage
Defensive: None
Stablization: None


Travel Move: 820
Combat Move: 190
Endurance: 98 days


Head: 10
Chest: 10
Abdomen: 10
Fore Legs: 10
Aft Legs: 10

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