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Checker Automated Urban Transport

design by Kyle Platte

Here's a little machine to throw into Dantor, or any other convenient viral infestation. It is a civilian transport, easily modifed into an armed robotic vehicle. Although I hadn't intended it, it works well with the Horrible-Skittery-Spider-Things. They can use this as a transport and cargo vehicle. It can also provide fire support to defend turf. Finally, they're so easy to manufacture that they can be made in droves to provide troops.

The Checker was designed to operate in cities, providing automated passenger and light cargo transport. The vehicle required no driver, although controls were available if needed. It was supposed to operate with the local traffic-control network, with onboard sensors to allow the vehicle some autonomy outside the city. They were particularly prominent as taxis and delivery vehicles.

The Checker's onboard computer gear made it a convenient ad-hoc weapon for Viral troops. They were low-tech and easy to produce with little modification. The factory that produces them was infected and churns out hundreds of these little cars, so many that their carcasses became a useful resource for other Virus' forces. Beacuse of their mediocre fighting performance, several attempts have been made to upgrade their weaponry -- to little effect. The vehicle lacks the durability to support heavy weapons or take much damage. Still, it's just fine for mowing down hapless spiderbots, humans or other Checkers.

Note the Checker is exceptionally stupid. It tends to follow its commands literally and to the exception of all else. It is capable of radioing a supervisor for additional instructions, but rarely does so. The one thing that the Checker can do exceptionally well is interpret verbal commands to take a passenger to a known location. It will even respond in a cheery voice with an ETA and perhaps a jingle for a local hotel. The current model sports additional weaponry but little else: most still receive the factory paintjob and transparent plastic dome. Other common versions mount assorted machineguns and some are simply filled with explosives and driven into the enemy.

The vehicle shown here is typical of the Checker designs: it uses the original vehicle with a small turret replacing the driver's seat/crewstation. The turret holds the weapon, ammo, robotic brain and IR sensors: all at TL-9. Cables connect the turret to the vehicle's power, controls and sensors. In addition, heavy plates have been welded to the front and rear to allow ramming. Occasionally, spikes and blades are welded on as well.

The passenger seats have been removed. Instead, the vehicle can hold an additional 1250kg of cargo (or spiderbots). Filling this area reduces the vehicle's performance to the stats listed below.
Max Speed: 108kph Travel Move: 465 Combat Move: 45
The vehicle's body has luggage racks and tie-downs, allowing additional cargo to be carried, or for adventurous passengers, to hang on to. While the IR eyes are directional, the radar system has a 360 degree field of view.

Checker Automated Urban Transport

General Data

Tech Level: 8/9
Price: 0.089735 MCr
Size: 14 m3
Mass (loaded/unloaded): 3.179 / 2.548 tonnes

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 0.18 Mw Improved IC engine (.045kl/h), Battery providing .02 Mw/hour power
Transmission: Wheeled
Suspension: Wheeled
Maint: 1


Brain: TL-9 Brain
Logic: High Data
Command: Basic
Intelligence: 2
Computer: TL-8 Flight Computer
Avionics: NOne
Commo: 30 km Radio
Sensors: 300m radar, active IR eyes (in turret)
Cargo: 0.573 kg = 2.2 m3
Peripherals: Heat and Light life support for cargo area.


Offensive: 32mm automatic granade launcher in small turret
Ammo: 100 round in belt. Alternating HE and HEAP.
Defensive: None
Stablization: None

Weapon ROF Damage Pen Mag Range Indirect
HE Grenade 5 C:2 B:10 nil 100b 132m 792m
HEAP Grenade 5 C:1 B:8 25C 100b 132m 792m


Max speed: 141 kph / 14 kph off-road
Travel Move: 610
Combat Move: 65
Endurance: 15 hours
Fuel Capacity: 0.675 m3


Hull Front: 3
Hull Side: 1
Hull Rear: 3
Belly: 1
Top: None

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